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LinkedIn B2B Video Marketing Tactics For 2018

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LinkedIn should be a hotbed for B2B video marketing in 2018, but many companies are neglecting this opportunity. If you look at your profile feed, you'll most likely see links to articles, infographics, and ads. Why would a platform full of business professionals not utilise the most effective communication tool besides face-to-face interaction.

Unfortunately, most companies are just not in the know when it comes to video. They think LinkedIn is supposed to be different to other platforms and the video tricks that work on Facebook or Snapchat simply won't cut it because LinkedIn is for adults, right? Every business needs to leverage LinkedIn video production, whether you think it's necessary or not. These days, it's all about creating more options for people to view your content.

Remember: if you're limiting their options, they'll struggle to find you.

This article dissects the reasoning on why your business should adopt LinkedIn native video as a strategy to promote your business, whether you're a small startup or a huge conglomerate.

Video Works, Because It's Human Nature
To say that video is a growing trend is an understatement. It's human instinct.

Communication at its roots hasn't changed that much in the last few decades despite what millennials will tell you. Now, we have more toys available to express how we market our businesses, but getting the attention of your customer only requires your consistent attempt to provide quality content in an authentic manner. Video is the easiest way to get the attention of your target audience. This is a universal truth and no matter how social media changes, if you follow that one principle you'll have plenty of "luck" in finding your next client.

Biologically speaking, humans are drawn to motion, loud noises, and bright colours and marketers have been using these physiological traits to sell soft drinks and television sets for years. When we were roaming the jungle in search of snacks we evolved our senses to find what we were looking for. The same goes for how we approach communication and buying products.

Video marketing aligns with these principles more than text and image-based ads. Did you know the "human brain is able to process video 60,000 times faster than text"? If you're looking to add to your advertisement campaigns, you'll notice that video ads typically do better.

In the beginning of social media, text evolved to text with images, then infographics, then video. Now, a company without a brand conscious video production agency at their side is in the Championship rather than the Premier League. Don't get me wrong, people still love written content and print. Many people say it's dead, but I say it's still relevant.

The Best LinkedIn Video Sales Strategy
Why haven't you adopted a LinkedIn B2B video marketing content strategy? Are you too busy with blogging or setting up your new ad campaign? All of that won't matter if your video production isn't effective.

This article doesn't directly cover LinkedIn's video ad manager, but the tips here will get you ready for it. Understanding these principles will overshadow the analysis provided by the platform.

According to Cisco, 80% of global internet traffic will consist of video by 2021. The time to act on this trend is now before the market becomes saturated. Many marketers struggle to embrace trends until they become staples, saying that it's not a proven system or it's too expensive.

In a perfect situation, your company could appoint someone internally to head your video marketing on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled enough to properly brand each and every piece of content your company disperses.

The idea is to make your company the obvious choice by showing your expertise on virtually everything related to your industry. You should strive to educate, entertain, and inspire your customers to take the next step (i.e. make a purchase) without direct selling.

LinkedIn is a Great Place to Add Video Testimonials
If you include video testimonials on LinkedIn, this will give casual followers a reason to check out your website. Video testimonials are great trust builders, but many companies question if LinkedIn is a good place to put them.

It's not good to constantly talk about your company's accolades, because that gives the reader the impression that you're not interested in helping them. Many companies struggle with this concept and this is why they struggle to build followings and create good traffic to their website. Consider this a warning to use testimonials prudently.

Adding too many testimonials will come off as you needing to prove that you're the best and everyone else is below par. The majority of the video content you produce should have more of an "infotainment" feel catered to the individual you want to target. If you're creating engaging video testimonials, your clients will most likely reward you with a strong magnet to draw new customers because of the power of social proof.

In any sales encounter, what ultimately makes the sale is the ability to leverage the trust created prior to the close. Customers will peruse your social media accounts. They'll look for consistency, actionable tips, and a feeling of truthfulness. Testimonials will help you set the stage when they call you to set up a time to talk.

Know What Your Prospects Seek
If you think you know what your customers are looking for, then create a series of videos and put them to the test on your LinkedIn page this week. If the response is positive, then you'll know you're on the right track.

A solid B2B video marketing company knows being different is what changes the opinion of your prospects to favour you over everyone else. If your goal is to get more clients with your content then don't disappear into the swamp of noise by being the same as everyone else. Focus on your uniqueness and don't be afraid to stand out.

Author: The Marketing Cafe

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