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This section of the website contains news, guidelines and advice for the various facets of Video Production, as well contact details for corporate video production companies specialising in video for your business involved in the different processes of creating the media.

The use of video is now a popular medium for many organisations due to the growth in digital technology. Up front, it is an immediate and interesting way to capture an individual's – or a company's – attention, particularly if the content used is striking. This could be in the form of an animation, aerial shots or dramatic music for example. However, it can also help to increase online traffic, build communication between a business and its clients, and help to strengthen brand awareness.

Even though a corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose or targeted audience, it remains a very bespoke service. For example, production companies can deliver videos for a product or service, to a training video (such as health and safety videos or staff training). Company promotional videos are also a popular choice, as are live event videos and charity videos.

It can, therefore, be challenging to know where to begin when creating online videos. What type of video should you choose? What is the purpose of the video? What is the target audience? What style should the video include – i.e. interviews, music, voiceovers? What are the costs involved?

Whether you want to know more about Corporate Video or are looking for a company to help with a project – in the pre-production, production, or post-production stage of the process – this section has you covered. We hope you find the information provided helpful and it becomes a key guide for choosing the right company to produce a video which highlight your brand or services.
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BP Invests In XStream EFS Scale-Out Storage Platform  EditShare has announced that global energy brand BP, has invested in the XStream EFS scale-out storage platform and Flow media asset management to manage the commissioning, producing and publishing of BP-related media projects.Read More >>

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This is a guide to speaking the language of corporate video production companies in order to describe your project, find out what options are available and get an accurate quote. Video is clearly an essential ingredient in marketing, driving online traffic, communication, building trust and brand awareness.