Broadcast News Archive for January, 2018
22/01/2018 Covering The Distance
The challenges of filming with a remote unit base cannot be underestimated. Even a typical 18-hole golf course can cover up to 150 acres (600,000 square metres), whilst the enclosed area of a major mu

22/01/2018 MRMC Launch Bolt Junior
Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) has announced the launch of Bolt Junior; a compact version of the MRMC Bolt Cinebot. The 6-axis camera robot arm has been developed for film studios, photographi

22/01/2018 Murraypro Strives For Realistic Demonstrations
At Murraypro we are great believers in demonstrating our equipment working under realistic conditions, and we make significant effort to simulate the "real world" in our demonstrations at exhibitions.

22/01/2018 Profanity Delay For Mind Media Awards 2017
Time Delay TV has supplied the profanity delay equipment to Kinura for The Mind Media Awards 2017 in London's Leicester Square. The broadcast was transmitted around the world via Facebook Live and

22/01/2018 VA Delivers Sound Media Studios For Winchester University
Veale Associates (VA) has created new sound recording and post production facilities at Winchester University; a development that is part of a planned expansion of the facilities at the School of Medi

19/01/2018 Animated Women UK's 'The Achieve Programme' Open For Entries
Animated Women UK has announced that its 'Achieve Programme' is open for entries. The programme, which first ran in 2017, focuses on supporting women in the VFX and animation industries. Funded an

19/01/2018 Cambridge Electronic Industries Unveils New Product
Cambridge Electronic Industries has announced the first product of a brand new SMT design – a 12GHz right angled BNC connector that can be placed directly onto a PCB in rapid assembly and volume produ

19/01/2018 Equipping Broadcasters And Filmmakers Of The Future
Investing in UHD/4K Anglia Ruskin University's Cambridge School of Art teaches Film & Television Production courses and Film and Media Studies to undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as o

19/01/2018 Green Hippo Teams Up With ESL France
Green Hippo has appointed ESL France as its French distributor. The agreement will see ESL France distribute Green Hippo's product line – both hardware and software – throughout France. Commen

19/01/2018 New "Solo" Lighting Kit From Photon Beard
Great quality lighting is a cornerstone of all great productions. We pride ourselves at Photon Beard on creating quality luminaries that meet and exceed your expectations. When we approached the L

19/01/2018 SMPTE Announces 2018 Directors
SMPTE has announced its Board of Governors has appointed a new secretary/treasurer and named the Society's 2018 directors. John E. Ferder has been appointed to serve as SMPTE secretary/treasurer. H

19/01/2018 The Art Of Being A Colourist
These days, just about every film needs a grade, which is increasingly happening in the online edit rather than being sent to a specialist facility. After all, a powerful colour corrector is now b

18/01/2018 Coronation Street: Lighting For Drama
Churning out 3 hours of original drama to an average viewership of 8 million people each and every week, ITV's Coronation Street is an undeniable production powerhouse. In 2017, with ITV bosses imp

18/01/2018 Flame Distribution Scales Operations With EditShare
EditShare's QUALES QC solution has been selected by Flame Distribution, a subsidiary of Flame Media, as part of its distribution workflow. With a significant workload of incoming content to version

18/01/2018 How To Make PR Pay Off In 2018
PR teams are popular in times of crisis and when there's cause for celebration. Big oil spill? Celebrities using your product? Signed that million-dollar deal? Call someone from public relations to ei

18/01/2018 Jünger Audio Units Installed At ZRTV
Zhejiang Radio and TV Group (ZRTG) has fitted out its new Zhejiang International TV Centre with a range of loudness control and audio processing solutions from Jünger Audio. Owned by the local Gov

18/01/2018 Leader Products Selected For Sports OB
A total of 70 Leader test instruments have been selected to deliver signal monitoring at a large sports OB project this year. Approximately 90 nations will compete in over 100 tournaments embracin

18/01/2018 Picture Canning Expands Its Growing Selection Of Vintage Lenses
Facilities house Picture Canning has recently expanded its growing selection of vintage prime lenses, with several new additions. Among the collection is a set of Canon K35 prime lenses. These vint

18/01/2018 Riedel Partners With Slush Conference
Riedel Communications has supplied the radio communications infrastructure for the 10th annual Slush conference, which took place in Helsinki late last year. Slush, which draws high-profile speake

17/01/2018 A Gig To Remember
After all the end of year gigs and parties, sore heads and blanks in the night, here's one to keep in your memory as we set off into 2018. Supplying all the big brand memory such as SanDisk, Sony,

17/01/2018 Cooke Lenses Deployed For 'The Expanse'
Cooke Optic's 5/i Primes lenses have been used on set to film season 3 of SyFy drama The Expanse. In 2014, Syfy commissioned 10 one-hour episodes of The Expanse; to this day, it remains the most ex

17/01/2018 dB Broadcast Delivers Facility For Bloomberg Television
dB Broadcast has delivered a broadcast facility for Bloomberg Television at its European headquarters in London. The studios are now live and incorporate a full IP solution. The facility includes

17/01/2018 New Version Of Mistika VR Released
SGO has released a new version of Mistika VR. The stitching software brings a one-clck stabilisation tool that smooths out shaky footage. The latest edition introduces a numbr of new features and

17/01/2018 Really Creative Media Deliver Live Content For Steps' Tour
For Steps' 'Party On The Dancefloor' UK arena tour in 2017, Really Creative Media was tasked with designing the stage content of the show – a celebration of twenty years since the band's formation.

17/01/2018 Television Drama At Elstree Studios
Elstree Studios is a leading Television Drama Studio. We are the home of Sony Left Bank Pictures, Netflix-original series, The Crown, and Kudos Productions' Grantchester and Humans. The Crown uses