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Canon introduces two new HD lenses at NAB

Recognising the rapid expansion of HD camera system options from multiple manufacturers, Canon has unveiled two new HD studio lenses, the DIGISUPER 22xs and DIGISUPER 23xs.
The introduction of the DIGISUPER 22xs lens represents the creation of an entirely new lens category: the compact studio lens, which is specifically intended to create more cost effective HD studio camera systems. The new DIGISUPER 23xs model extends HD acquisition flexibilities with an affordable complement to Canon’s HD studio lens line.
“With Canon’s long history of innovation, it should come as no surprise that the DIGISUPER 22xs lens represents not just a new product, but an entirely new kind of lens,” said Gordon Tubbs, assistant director, broadcast and communications division at Canon U.S.A. “As the first-ever compact studio lens, the DIGISUPER 22xs lens provides affordable high performance to facilities equipped with portable cameras.”
Designed in response to the industry’s increasing use of portable HD and SDTV cameras for studio production, the Canon DIGISUPER 22xs lens brings top-quality optical performance in a compact box-style design. Created specifically and only for use with portable cameras, the DIGISUPER 22xs lens, also known as the XJ22x7.3B IE-D lens, exceeds the image quality of any portable HD lens or SDTV box-style lens, at a very economical price point.
Equipped with the HDxs system, the DIGISUPER 22xs lens uses Canon’s X-Element and Power Optical System to achieve the highest possible specifications in an extremely compact and lightweight, 13.4 lb. package. Top performance is a hallmark of the first-ever compact studio lens; with a maximum zoom speed of .5 seconds and focus of 1.5 seconds. The DIGISUPER 22xs lens has an f-stop of 1.8 that provides very fast optical performance, excelling in low light. It offers a focal length of 7.3~161mm and, when used with the 2X extender, can achieve a focal length of 14.6~322mm. A choice of three different zoom and focus control systems allows facilities to tailor the DIGISUPER 22xs lens to their exact requirements, and an included supporter system for both camera and lens ensures a rigid support for every configuration.
With the new DIGISUPER 23xs lens, or XJ23x7B IE-D lens, facilities working in both HDTV and SDTV have a budget-friendly option to complement Canon’s DIGISUPER 25xs model. Designed with the HDxs system for higher optical performance in a smaller package, it offers an impressive f 1.7 aperture as well as a focal length of 7~161mm, and can achieve a focal length of 14~322mm with a 2X extender.
Both the DIGISUPER 22xs lens and DIGISUPER 23xs lens feature the latest generation of digital electronics, including Canon’s new rotary encoder servo system for zoom, focus and iris using miniature components specially developed by Canon. This feature increases functionality with virtual reality studios as well as many other applications, and makes zoom and focus controls more precise and repeatable. These encoders are anticipated to play a major role in supplying precision digital lens data as metadata systems evolve for production. Other highly useful functions include Shuttle Shot and Framing Preset, Speed Preset, Constant Angle Focusing System (CAFS), PC connection, CPU upgrades, and high-speed interactive digital interface for virtual studio computers or robotics.
“This new pair of new HD studio lenses is poised to make a significant impact on production,” added Tubbs. “As the first-ever compact studio lens, the DIGISUPER 22xs lens will optimise studios that rely on portable cameras. Our new DIGISUPER 23xs lens opens up new options for facilities seeking value and versatility.”

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