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A Royal Case Study - GB Labs Intelligent Storage Saves The Day

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The Royal Shakespeare Company's in-house Video Media department is responsible for producing high quality and engaging trailers, synopsis, interviews and educational content to promote the Royal Shakespeare Company and its award winning stage productions.

The Royal Shakespeare Company's previous storage solution consisted of an array of stand-alone edit suites with locally attached external drives combined with a few basic NAS units. As the RSC's demands for their storage requirements grew, with projects and file sizes becoming larger resulting in increased transfer times, a faster solution was required.

Following wide reaching research to find a more streamlined workflow, the RSC found that GB Labs' product line-up was the ideal collaborative upgrade they required.  The features, along with the ability to expand UP and DOWN without re-designing the system, where a particular draw.

A combination of GB Labs Space 32TB and Space EX 16TB was chosen for the RSC's 48TB online storage; this currently works in harmony with their older nearline NAS units with an off-site clone while LTO-6 provides offline storage and archiving. The solution currently serves 6 workstations using DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro and Nuke with 3 of the clients connected via 10GbE.

Benefits of GB Labs Storage for the RSC

• Speed – The ability to backup and archive much faster than previously
• Reliability – To be able to trust and rely on Space
• FTP – To conveniently exchange data with other sites.
• Support of third party NAS – For seamless interaction with other storage servers.

What the Royal Shakespeare Company has to say about GB Labs Storage Solutions

"I definitely recommend GB LABS to anyone looking for a fast, reliable shared storage solution; SPACE has simplified our work flow and reduced data transfer times down to zero with all our systems sharing the same central storage. The server has performed flawlessly, with zero down-time to date!

"GB LABS have made our phased acquisition approach possible; as we plan to increase performance with HYPERSPACE and expand our nearline storage with ECHO in due course.

"The addition of SPACE has allowed us to join all of our post production systems together, allowing our Ingest, Edits and Grade Suite to share the same footage over 10GbE, bringing our data transfer times down to zero. This has streamlined our work-flow, simplified our data management and greatly increased productivity. Our existing NAS units have been repurposed as nearline storage and are fully integrated into our SPACE workflow."

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A Royal Case Study - GB Labs Intelligent Storage Saves The Day
The Royal Shakespeare Company's in-house Video Media department is responsible for producing high quality and engaging trailers, synopsis, interviews
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