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Quantum To Showcase Veritone's Artificial Intelligence Platform

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Quantum Corp has announced that it will showcase Veritone Inc.'s multi-engine artificial intelligence (AI) platform in a Quantum StorNext-managed environment at NAB 2017.

The two companies recently signed an agreement establishing a strategic relationship under which Veritone aiWARETM — a hybrid on-premise and cloud version of Veritone's best-in-class, cloud-based AI platform — will be offered as an integrated solution with Quantum's industry-leading StorNext workflow storage.

This combination will allow users to leverage the power of Veritone's cognitive analytics — along with top cognitive engines in areas such as face detection, object recognition and transcription — to extract new value from their on-premise video and audio content without having to move it to the cloud. As a result, customers that have made significant investments in on-premise storage and/or have cost or security concerns about storing their content in the cloud will be able to take advantage of Veritone's cognitive capabilities and analytics in a StorNext-based solution.

Artificial Intelligence: Maximizing Data's Value
Analyst firm IDC forecasts that the amount of image and video content created or consumed for entertainment purposes will exceed 40 zettabytes by 2025, approximately four times the amount in 2016. As media and entertainment organizations look to maximize the value of this growing content, artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role. Cognitive engines enable users to delve deeper and faster into their content and leverage the results to drive greater business and organizational success. Examples include:

• Creating more customized video-on-demand through more robust metadata tagging of existing content.
• Providing better ROI data to sponsors by identifying where and how often a logo appeared in highlight clips beyond an original broadcast.
• Speeding postproduction work through enhanced context-based search and discovery.

Veritone aiWARE: Delivering Unparalleled Cognitive Intelligence
Veritone aiWARE is a groundbreaking new version of Veritone's cloud-based AI platform. It will enable companies, government agencies and other large organizations to deploy Veritone's cognitive services and applications in a hybrid cloud or on-premise deployment model that brings the power of AI processing from the cloud to customer data behind firewalls, thereby enabling extraction of actionable intelligence hidden within that data.

Quantum-Veritone Combination: Unlocking New Value From Stored Content
Quantum's StorNext-powered workflow storage solutions deliver industry-leading performance and advanced data management in the most demanding media environments. These solutions minimize storage costs through a multi-tier approach encompassing flash, spinning disk, object storage, tape and the cloud, enabling users to retain petabytes of content while providing ready access whenever and wherever that content is needed. Because cognitive engines can deliver greater value with the more data they have to analyze, StorNext is an ideal platform for Veritone aiWARE. The combination of the two will enable users to apply AI to on-premise stored content that previously could not be leveraged for this purpose and to add new content for analysis as the data is captured.

Quantum will be highlighting the benefits of this powerful combination in the company's booth (SL5810) at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 24-27. In addition, over the next few months, Quantum and Veritone will be working to further develop a joint StorNext-aiWARE solution and bring it to market.

Geoff Stedman, Senior Vice President, Products and Solutions, Quantum, said: "Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to extract dramatically more value from data in ways that were previously impossible, and even unimaginable in some cases. By providing a unique platform for best-of-breed cognitive engines, Veritone has emerged as a clear leader in AI. We look forward to bringing the benefits of their technology to a broader base of media and entertainment customers, extending Quantum's role as the premier provider of data storage and management solutions in this market."

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Quantum To Showcase Veritone's Artificial Intelligence Platform
Quantum Corp has announced that it will showcase Veritone Inc.'s multi-engine artificial intelligence (AI) platform in a Quantum StorNext-managed envi