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LiveShot Brings Flexibility To Outside Broadcast

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Vortex have been providing broadcast solutions for decades, offering flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

LiveShot incorporates all of these things to allow broadcasters to obtain video feeds from just about anywhere with an internet connection. LiveShot goes even further by offering users bidirectional video, stereo audio and a comms feed bringing your entire OB into the hands of a tiny box. LiveShot can stream broadcast quality video at low, medium or high bitrates and at latencies lower than 200ms. This can all be done in the most demanding conditions and with little to no compromise on your broadcast. LiveShot is a highly flexible codec which keeps the video feed smooth even with dramatic changes in your connection. The unit is incredibly light, weighing less than 1kg and consuming no more than 8 watts.

LiveShot has already been used in many different ways; College Sports have used their fleets to record multiple sports events and with fewer limitations to coverage and latency. LiveShot offers a huge amount of control over your stream, allowing you to lock down a latency target and provide a consistent feed across your all codecs. Broadcasters with multiple remotes use LiveShot to simulcast all their video content live. LiveShot is also being used over wired internet connections as well due its high quality and its ability to avoid issues caused by packet loss and fluctuating bitrates. With the inclusion of stereo audio and a separate comms channel, LiveShot is being used to connect from studio to studio to provide low latency and audio feeds without taking up the extra rack space. With the low latency capability and bidirectional video and audio, LiveShot allows a two-way broadcast without interruptions.

The high quality, multi-bitrate and low latency capabilities of the LiveShot would not be possible without CrossLock VPN. Crosslock is not your average protocol; it creates a tunnel between the two connected codecs and maintains every aspect of the connection across multiple network tools. Not only does it offer bonding, diversity and redundancy, it gives the user full control and guidance for every aspect of your internet connections (whether it is mobile, Ethernet or satellite) without interrupting the broadcast. Your average streaming devices send out their data hoping that the receiving codec can keep up, there is no way for the transmitter to know the status of the receiver and data that has not arrived in time will either be discarded or delayed. This results in more latency, lower quality and in some cases the audio being completely cut off. Crosslock gets rid of this by taking that crucial information from all available network sources; Crosslock keeps your data in check and offers a highly adaptable stream on some of the most undesirable networks.

Every LiveShot Portable or Rack unit is capable of bidirectional HD video using the HIGH profile H.264 format, reengineered for the highest standard in both low, medium and high bandwidth scenarios. The bidirectional stereo audio is handled separately from the video feed; audio is diverse across all network connections providing redundant audio transmission. A Full-duplex Cue channel is available via 3.5mm TRRS and is also handled as a separate stream, typically using GSM for low delay, low bandwidth communications. Using the LiveShot Hub, you can install 4 USB network connections or extend that even further with an additional USB hub if necessary. LiveShot offers full control of your broadcast in real time; swap and disable your network devices on the fly, adjust your delay settings and monitor your stream via the LiveShot app using your mobile phone or tablet. A built-in WiFi access point allows you to connect directly to your LiveShot portable for full control, monitoring and the unit can act as an internet gateway for connected devices.

The team at Vortex offer remote support when purchasing any of their products and that includes expert advice, support and repairs for Comrex codecs. We also offer 1 full of day of training when purchasing a LiveShot kit to help get the best out of your broadcasting as soon as it's in your hands.

For more details or just to have a chat about your broadcast needs, send an email to [email protected], call +44 (0)20 8579 2743 or head to for more information.

This article is also available to read at BFV online here, page 10.


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