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De Wolfe Launches New Trailer Music Label

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De Wolfe Music is proud to announce the release of WIDESCREEN, the explosive new trailer music label specially produced for motion picture advertising, epic action promos and next-gen video games.

The new label was created with a focus on recording cinematic, blockbuster music by a team of leading composers. The albums were mixed in 5.1 surround at our very own Angel Recording Studios, London, by our world class and award-winning sound engineers.

WIDESCREEN is your go-to label for theatrical orchestral cues, intense percussive builds and otherworldly electronic sound design, all delivered with Hollywood production values and colossal, earth-shattering impact.

Our initial five WIDESCREEN albums include Impact Trailers, Movie Builds, Sound Design 1&2 and Percussion Trailers, and are available to preview and license now in stereo, 5.1 surround sound and stem formats. For full tracks, downloads, edits, alternative versions and underscores, please visit our main production music site or contact our music supervision team for licensing information.

A little more about De Wolfe Music: a production music company that was the originator of what has become known as library music, De Wolfe Music was established by Meyer de Wolfe in 1909 and early on was responsible for selecting the musical accompaniment to movies in late-Edwardian cinemas. Now over 100 years old the library has 12 labels consisting of over 80,000 tracks all pre-cleared for licensing and synchronisation. They have been used in thousands of productions including Peaky Blinders, The Night Manager, Money Monster, Mr. Robot and Better Call Saul.

This article is also available to read at BFV online here, page 34.


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De Wolfe Launches New Trailer Music Label
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