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Lost In (Video) Translation  Video marketing is currently the strongest form of online marketing. And with millennials dominating the market, marketing trends need to adapt to maintain consumer attention.

Photo posts are still powerful, but video has proved itself as the best social outreach medium.Read More >>

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Old School Voiceover… But Still Top Of The Class
British novelist L.P. Hartley once wrote: "the past is a foreign country: they do things differently there". For a British female voiceover artist who has witnessed more than 30 years of change, I could not think of a truer statement to begin this post.
Paul Parker Re-Creates The Productions In His Dad's Vinyl Collection
Six months back, one of my publishers asked me to do some tracks for a retro album, featuring music from the 50s, 60s & 70s. I thought to myself, great, my era. How hard could that be! But I soon found that pastiche is quite an art and takes every bit of creative energy, if not more so, than writing current sounding music.
AKM Music Adds New Collection
AKM Music has added a new collection to its ever-growing library. The release is entitled Positive Thinking and is the latest collection of a versatile set of upbeat, inspiring motivational music for promotional projects. Complete with a main theme, underscore, 30 & 60 second edits and stings, the collection can be previewed via AKM Music's website here.
Hiring The Right Voice Over Artist For Your Project
Simon Luckhurst from Voice Talent Online shares his top tips for finding the perfect voice over artist for your video project. There's no wonder talented video creatives are in heavy demand! Millions of people prefer to consume video content, and it's been found that video marketing can increase conversion rates by 80%.
From Commission To Composition
During my time as a composer I have learnt that no two projects are the same. As with every new project I have a lot of excitement and ideas bobbing about just dying to come out. After my first few projects and commissions, I managed to find my work flow and have since developed a system which helps me be more creative and more efficient when creating commissioned works.
How To Match Voices To Projects
The world of voiceover has often lurked in the shadows, or whatever may be the audible equivalent. We all hear it there; in commercials, video games and movie trailers, yet many of us don't know much about it, writes Claire Jarvis at Voice Squad. 
 This means it can be a rather daunting task approaching as a first-time client.
De Wolfe Launches New Trailer Music Label
De Wolfe Music is proud to announce the release of WIDESCREEN, the explosive new trailer music label specially produced for motion picture advertising, epic action promos and next-gen video games. The new label was created with a focus on recording cinematic, blockbuster music by a team of leading composers. The albums were mixed in 5.
De Wolfe Music Is Making Waves
When looking at the history of production music, you cannot deny the waves De Wolfe Music has made. De Wolfe Music Publishers are the longest running independent film and television music library resource in the world. The music catalogue is a thing of legend, a vast collection of instantly recognisable and iconic tracks that have shaped popular culture.
Delicious Digital For Your Music Needs
Delicious is a team of expert composers, musicians, producers and music specialists. For 15 years we have worked with agencies, brands, broadcasters, games companies, film/tv producers and independent music supervisors from our own studio complex in west London.
The Perfect Partner
Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) is the world's leading production music company. UPPM's ever-expanding catalogue is created by a roster of top artists and composers from around the globe and produces imaginative music to form a suite of labels that add depth and individuality to their catalogue – each with its own unique style and heritage.
Felt Is More Than A Fabric In The World Of Music Supervision
In a market burgeoning with production music options, Felt PM stands firmly in a unique position due to its beginnings. Felt Music started as a music supervision company specialising in bespoke composition, commercial search and licensing specifically for advertising.
Agency Increases Industry Share Of Voice
The Voiceover Gallery, a UK-based professional and international voice agency, has successfully completed a deal to acquire London-based boutique agency, Articulate Voices. The deal will see The Voiceover Gallery, which has offices in Manchester and London, taking responsibility for Articulate Voices' existing portfolio of clients and voice talent.
2002 Studios Media: Music Production
2002 Studios Media has a long history of producing music for all sorts of end usage. We have our own Record Label – The Urban Sound – which has a growing number of singles available not only through Spotify, and iTunes, but also via licensing websites such as Getty Images. We produce both instrumentals and actual songs in a range of styles.
No Studio, No Problem!
Sample based MIDI has evolved leaps and bounds recently, giving the bedroom producer the ability to create music that sounds like it's come straight out of the hands of George Martin after a day in Abbey Road Studios.