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New Features For ContentAgent Add Versatility To File-Based Operations

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Featured at IBC 2015 will be the latest iteration of ContentAgent file-based management and automation software with additional new features to streamline operations and increase productivity.

The latest ContentAgent release continues to build on cutting edge and versatile automated camera card and file-based ingest workflows, already deployed and proven in some of the most demanding environments. With the addition of CardAgent, an intuitive interface for manipulating and managing card-based media in multi-user operations, these powerful workflows become accessible to all, regardless of technical ability.

An all-new AAF creation toolset allows a host of new ingest options for card based media including the ability to automatically create sequences, optionally choosing to maintain timecode gaps and sync of multiple clips. Avid media can now have locators, spanned markers and custom metadata added for end-to-end retention. ContentAgent's powerful transcoding and rewrapping engine can now be coupled with Avid Interplay's Edit-while-transcode feature to enable frame chase editing in intense, fast turn-around situations.

ContentAgent becomes the conduit between Adobe and Avid ecosystems with new workflows allowing direct media interchange. Support for XMP metadata allows ContentAgent to read and interpret metadata from Adobe, and embed into Avid media.

ContentAgent's Workflow Designer continues to be a popular and respected tool but, with increasingly complex and extensive workflows becoming the norm, the interface has been reengineered. The new Workflow Designer keeps the best of the original, adding new features and performance enhancements. Written from the ground up using the latest graphics technologies, the new Workflow Designer allows seamless navigation and manipulation of even the most complex workflows. A collection of new nodes and processes within the interface allow further modularity and logic, enabling the easy management and automation of every aspect of the process.

Integration with leading third party technologies enables best-of-breed solutions to run seamlessly within ContentAgent workflows. The rich pool of third party audio, video and QC applications is now extended to include accelerated WAN file delivery and Forensic Watermarking.

Integration with Aspera and FileCatalyst facilitates rapid and secure file delivery. Delivery of card media, broadcast deliverables, viewing copies and much more can fit seamlessly at any point in the workflow, with monitoring to ensure files are safely delivered on time.

Support for Civolution's NexGuard allows a forensic watermark to be applied and recorded as part of a ContentAgent transcode. Applying a unique, invisible serial number automatically to individual copies of video content allows the protection of premium content across the entire content lifecycle, regardless of how the content is transcoded, resized, or otherwise altered further in the distribution chain. Such video watermarking is a strong deterrent against risk of illicit dissemination of pre-release content.

Capable of intelligently handling any frame size of media, ContentAgent’s resolution and frame rate independent pipeline, enhanced by the powerful Cinnafilm Tachyon and Dark Energy algorithms, facilitates the highest quality frame rate conversion and scaling. Intelligent, automated, and bespoke decision-making as part of a workflow allows consistent, reliable, and repeatable results, whatever the format and without the need for complex reconfiguration. Support for a number of high quality, professional UHD formats, including XAVC, ProRes, JPEG2000 and more, enables easy file interchange in any UHD ecosystem.

This article is also available to read at BFV online.

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