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Splice Post and Procam Deliver England Is Mine  The maverick spirit of one of Britain's best loved musicians, Morrissey, received the perfect big screen treatment in the hands of Shoreditch's finest independent post production boutique and creative agencies.Read More >>

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An Endless Source Of Craft Skills
No longer being physically proximate, post is still as resourceful and creative as it ever was. George Jarrett looks at the current state of moral and ambition in the post business, with the help of five companies. Across 4.6 decades of writing about the film & TV business I have always had a strong regard for the Soho post houses' craft skill structures, creative abilities, and resilience.
AS-11 Broadcast File Delivery: Using Video Mixdown Just Like Tape
I know there are few diehards out there still delivering UK broadcast deliverables on tape but they are few and far between. Pretty much the whole UK industry has moved over to file-based delivery and the DPP AS-11 is the de facto delivery method.
When QC Is The Only Thing Between You & Broadcast
How often have you been there? An already quick turnaround job. Then a whole bunch of issues to sort. Finally you output it and you spot an issue that needs to be fixed; maybe a forgotten credit or a typo in somebody's name. So you fix and re-output. A quick play through and send it off. Everyone's glad to see the back of it.
Timeline Delivers Post-Production On CBBC Series
Timeline Television has delivered full post-production on CBBC series, The Dumping Ground. The show, which is now in its fifth series, is a comedy drama that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people growing up in care. London-based Timeline provided online, grade, audio dubbing and delivery from its facilities in MediaCityUK.
Avid Tips: Creating A Traveling Matte For Text
In this post I will show you how to create reactive title text - i.e. parts of which change colour in response to a moving background. This is done by generating a "traveling matte" in Avid, requiring the use of no additional plug-ins. Titles say a great deal about a video or film, more than we realise, diligent in their subliminal ingenuity.
The BenQ PV270 Pro: A Work Of Vision & Beauty

Getting a Soundman to review a new picture monitor is either a stroke of genius, or the worst idea since Jeremy Clarkson walked into a hotel and said, 'Am I too late for dinner?', writes Neil Hillman MPSE, The Audio Suite.
The Virtualization Of Post-Production
Productions large and small are saving time and money using Avid’s remote workflow capabilities, writes Charlie Russell, senior segment marketing manager, Avid. Remote workflows vary from production to production. Some post facilities use remote workflows to streamline their internal workflows; others extend remote workflows to clients.
Modular Multiformat Interfacing: The Building Blocks Of An Efficient Fibre Infrastructure
As video-distribution systems become more complex and the number of potential interfaces continues to grow, system designers need easier, more affordable ways to create all manner of fibre connections and topographies, writes by Paul McCann, Bluebell Opticom Managing Director.
RWF Collaborate To Keep Memories Safe With EditShare
RWF World founders Gwynne Roberts and Sadie Wykeham have embarked on a 30-plus year mission with a single purpose: to tell the world about human rights violations through the eyes of its survivors. Through the course of their journey, they have informed the world of late 20th-century injustices and genocides through a number of groundbreaking stories.
Soho Editors' FCP EXPO At IBC: Final Cut Pro X, Across The World
"Right, so this year we're gonna show Final Cut Pro X at IBC," announced Brian Cantwell, Managing Director of Soho Editors, to our busy office early one mid-August morning. Imagine John Landis' Trading Places scene when the trading floor is waiting for the final orange juice numbers.
Avid Everywhere Helps Halo To Shine
Halo Post Production is one of London's busiest broadcast post houses – and still growing. With multiple sites and the need to deliver finished jobs as files, it relies on a powerful, flexible and dynamic content management platform. As well as three sites of its own in central London, Halo also provides contract facilities for the BBC from two more facilities.
New Features For ContentAgent Add Versatility To File-Based Operations
Featured at IBC 2015 will be the latest iteration of ContentAgent file-based management and automation software with additional new features to streamline operations and increase productivity.
Business Boost From Former Dragon's Den Star
Dynamic Post Production has won support from British retail magnate and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. Based at the iconic Pinewood Studios, Dynamic is an award-winning supplier of post production services to both the broadcast and corporate industries.
Audio Post Production: Software Vs The Human Ear
"They'll sort that out in Post." The phrase that no longer strikes fear into the ears of an Audio Post Producer. With the help of iZotope RX4, quickly and efficiently de-noising any audio is no longer an issue. Microphone hiss, distortion, unwanted clicks & pops and reverb, can all be wiped away faster than Mr Miyagi can demonstrate the 'Wax on, Wax off' technique.