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Provider of film and digital post production solutions DFT will be appearing at this year's NAB show to announce global launch of its new SCANITY HDR film scanner.
The device "delivers high dynamic range, for black and white film materials, unprecedented variable speeds, versatility, horizontal and vertical image stability and safe film handling," according to a statement from the company.
DFT will also be showcasing its concept 'Wet-gate' solution.
"The principal idea of wetting the material at the scanning stage is not a new notion but can be one from which it’s difficult to obtain reliable results," a statement from DFT said.
"In response to this, using new manufacturing and design techniques, DFT has developed a unique approach to this idea. Using environmentally friendly chemicals, these new methods provide greater confidence for those jobs that need a little extra, particularly in regard to heavily damaged materials."
The new SCANITY HDR facilitates the ingest of difficult dense black and white materials at real-time speeds using DFT's triple-exposure technology. The triple exposure is executed once, in real-time 2K or up to 15 fps in 4K, meaning that instead of slowing down, the speed stays consistent.
SCANITY HDR will be shown at NAB in its pre-production guise. The production scanner will show an LED array embedded behind the front door surface to highlight the active and current status of the scanner mode – Play, Stop and Record.
It will come with the additional option of the new Wet-gate solution. The deck plate will be pre-prepared for the required pipes and Wet-gate interconnections allowing users to add the technology if and when desired. Further details on the products new features will be announced at the show.
DFT will also be showcasing PHANTOM II, its new software transfer engine solution developed for existing SPIRIT users.
The hybrid software development takes elements from both DFT's Flexxity and Bones playout tools. Its aim is to provide Spirit HD, 2K and 4K users with a new data transfer engine for ingesting and managing SPIRIT data transfers. This allows existing Bones users to migrate their SPIRIT data transfers via this new software engine, which is supported by SUSE 11+ providing for future proof data transfer strategy and fast interfacing to the latest SAN and NAS solutions.

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