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Silentair Systems Air Conditioning
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Silentair – silent air conditioning solutions for broadcast and sound sensitive areas
Silentair manufactures air conditioning solutions unlike anyone else in the world. We have designed numerous products for studio and post production areas providing efficient and compact cooling at sound levels of NR15 and below.*

Serenity is Silentair’s flagship product; designed with the needs of the broadcast industry in mind it has been used in numerous studios in the UK and Europe including ITV Media City, ITV Cardiff, Imaginarium, Foley studios and Manx Radio.

Following 3 years of research and development it has challenged traditional air conditioning with its entirely unique approach to cooling and heating air.

It is, to our knowledge, the quietest air conditioning system on the market which doesn’t use attenuators, unlike the vast majority of the competition.

With 7 patented mechanisms, Serenity is a pod system which uses ducts to supply the treated air. It can be used singularly for small spaces/focused applications, or in multiples supplying treated air to larger spaces within buildings.

It offers targeted air flow supply, focused temperature control and draught-free operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where air conditioning can be discreetly integrated into the room design and where its operation will be entirely unnoticed.

The key benefits of the Serenity system are;
  • Very quiet operation – NR15 and below
  • Compact
  • Targeted air flow supply
  • Draught free
  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature control by zones
  • Bespoke design to fit in with interior space design
  • Serenity, the company’s flagship product was tested at University of Salford (Acoustics Calibration Laboratory) March 2013

Nomadic Temporary Installations
In addition to our more permanent installations we understand there is a need for mobile air conditioning, particularly for filming on location or in unusual venues. The Nomadic range of mobile air conditioning systems has been carefully designed to meet the need for a flexible, mobile source of air conditioning with quiet, almost silent operation, something which had never been achieved before.

The Nomadic range currently consists of several products, each with differing dimensions and outputs of between 2.8 -10KW. A key characteristic of the Nomadic range is the positioning of the indoor and outdoor unit on separate mobile platforms. The units are subsequently connected by flexible hosing of up to 40m in length. This not only removes the noisier outdoor unit from sound sensitive operations but also provides the utmost flexibility by allowing the indoor unit to be wheeled into position quickly and with no range restrictions.

The largest of the units distributes cool air up to a height of 3.5 metres and can provide 10KW of conditioned air. The smaller unit which is the lightest and most mobile can provide up to 7 KW of continuously conditioned air.

Key benefits of the Nomadic range are;
  • Very quiet operation – NR21 and below
  • Robust design that is easy to transport and move on location
  • Easy to set up by non-technical staff
  • Multi directional and height air flow options
  • Designed to be stable even at full height extension
  • Up to 40 metre length of flexible hosing
  • Standard single phase power
  • Options of 5kw and 7.5kw cooling and heating power

For more information on how Silentair can cool your broadcast environment or if you need to ask a question please contact us on 0113 270 8873.

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