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New Approaches To Studio, Location Cooling

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As most of you will know, Silentair is far from being just another ordinary AC and Vent company, writes Phil Gillatt, Technical Director, Silentair.

Over the last four years we have developed a number of low noise systems specifically aimed at film and broadcast applications, and it is now well known that when you have Silentair air conditioning, filming can continue almost indefinitely.

Shortening shoot times because of hot and sweaty actors is both expensive and annoying. Additionally, sitting around waiting for the set temperature to drop to acceptable levels just compounds the frustration.

Silentair's Serenity systems completely eliminates sweaty actors syndrome with the bonus that studio use is kept to an absolute minimum and with operating noise levels of NR15, post-production is also easier too. Of course it's not always about silent cooling, silent heating is equally important. And that's the beauty of Silentair Air conditioning; flick a switch and the cooler becomes a heater, gently heating the set space to the required temperature without creating a draught.

All of the studios that have fitted Silentair report back that their studio environment is far superior than previously, and they now have the option to work around the clock if needed. This availability really gives them an edge in this most competitive of markets.

However this article is not about fixed studio AC systems, it's about providing practical and affordable temporary silent short term cooling or heating.

So we have developed a very flexible temporary AC system, which doesn't need an AC engineer. It clicks together very quickly and is easily suspended from the ceiling, so nothing on the floor. This approach is quite different as it uses small dia flexible pipes (1/4" and 3/8") to connect the indoor and outdoor units together and with a separation length of 20 metres the outdoor unit can be left outside, well away from the sound critical area.

Let's look at the headline features of this unique system:

1. This temporary system is designed to be easily installed, operated, removed, then re-installed again in a different place when required
2. All parts click or twist together
3. Fast fit – less than 1 hour from start to finish
4. No engineers required; 'Plug and Play' technology
5. The unit and the ducting are suspended from the ceiling on wires
6. Silent operational noise levels NR18 – guaranteed
7. No draughts
8. Everything is positioned above the lighting line, with flexible ducting used to direct the air between the lights onto the set without creating shadows
9. Runs from a 13 amp socket (single system)
10. No exhaust ducting needed or doors / windows to open – to let the hot air out – just small dia flexible piping with screw together connections.

The air distribution system can be expanded or contracted to suit the space to be cooled/heated. The output of each system can be varied. Different sizes are available between 2.2 kW and 7 k W and two can be linked together to deliver a whopping 14 kW output in heating or cooling. The systems are primarily designed for a minimum of one weeks' hire or more for short-term hire and will be priced competitively.

Why not contact Silentair on –
Tel: 0207 4709224 or 0113 2708873
Email: [email protected]

This article is also available to read at BFV online.


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