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Record Year Of Aerial Filming For Helicopter Film Services

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Europe's leading aerial filming business, Helicopter Film Services, has experienced a record year of aerial filming, touching down in 20 countries over four continents to capture stunning sequences for the major studios, as well as smaller production companies and television.

"Looking back, it's been an extraordinary year. Our teams have been kept busy on a number of large productions, and we're looking forward to more exciting projects in 2018." – Jeremy Braben, CEO, Helicopter Film Services.

Europe's leading aerial filming provider, Helicopter Film Services, has experienced one of its busiest years yet, with a record year in terms of the number of celebrated projects it has contributed to, and their geographical reach. Its team has captured stunning aerial sequences from all over the beautiful British Isles and around the globe, from Namibia to Svalbard; from Iceland to Bangladesh; from China to Jordan, and The Philippines. With its helicopter equipment, jets, drones, and tracking vehicles, HFS continues to offer cutting edge services to production teams – as illustrated by its latest demo reel, which shows off 'all the toys'.

Jeremy Braben, CEO and founder of Helicopter Film Services, notes: "Our amazing teams have recently collaborated on a number of prestigious productions with major studios, such as 'The Darkest Hour', 'Paddington 2', 'Justice League', 'Ready Player One', 'The Crown', and 'Wonder Woman' – along with smaller indies."

He adds: "A big part of our success is in no small part due to our incredible people based out in the field and behind the scenes with operational support."

Erica Bensly, Business Development Manager at Helicopter Film Services, explains: "Besides working on almost all continents this year, we have been capitalising on our new presence at Pinewood Studios, which makes the perfect complement to our main base at Denham Aerodrome.

"In May, we launched a new camera array, The Typhon 6 Array, which combines six ARRI ALEXA Minis in a Shotover system for specialist filming of VFX sequences where a particularly wide field of view is required. This was used to great effect on 'Paddington 2' and continues to be in demand."


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This article also features in the December edition of Broadcast Film & Video.

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