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PS-Zoom 35-70 CS – New Videos Available

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Since the product launch P+S Technik is proud of its lens with character. Many projects have been realized with this lens. Cinematographers make their choice and work with the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS.

Not only a Cinemascope Zoom
The PS-Zoom 35-70 CS covers VistaVision full format (36 x 18.3mm) and is the perfect investment for your current and future camera set ups.

With the 1.5x anamorphic squeeze the lens is adapted to the widely used 16:9 sensor ratio and offers anamorphic qualities, such as barrel distortion, nicely formed flares and shallow depth of field. This lens is the perfect choice if you desire the Anamorphic look or simply just want creative freedom in post-production. On top you have the most efficient way to create Cinemascope 2.35:1 picture's on different cameras.

If you would like to try the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS in person, visit us at NAB 2017! At booth C8233 at Las Vegas Convention Center, interested Visitors can test the lens from 24 to 27 April, 2017.

"I did this Vodafone commercial with the PS-Zoom 35-70 CS lens. The agency and director really loved it. I think P+S TECHNIK had made a really interesting lens," says Anton Mertens, SBC Cinematographer.

The PS-Zoom 35-70 CS enters the anamorphic lens market with an outstanding optical performance and has still a great cost-benefit ratio.

P+S TECHNIK lenses, adapters and lens testing tools are now available in the UK through CVP in London.

CVP is one of the leading Broadcast and Professional video solutions providers in the UK and Europe – with a comprehensive UK sales and support infrastructure, and amazing relationships.

Tech Specs
• Zoom Range: 35mm – 70mm
• Anamorphic Squeeze Factor: 1.5x
• Lens Mount: PL (standard) & optional IMS
• Interchangeable Mounts (EF, E MFT)
• Light Sensitivity: T 3.2
• Image Diameter at 35mm: ø 37mm
• Image Diameter ≥ 40mm: ø 43,5mm
• Front Diameter: 114mm
• Weight: 2,950g

• CinemaScope for 16:9
• Anamorphic Front Lens
• No breathing
• Beautiful anamorphic effects

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This article is also available to read at BFV online here, page 50.

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