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Egripment Unveils Portable Hardware Solutions

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Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is featuring several new compact and portable hardware solutions.

Included among the products are the company's ProTraveller System, TDT Remote Crane System and Universal Dolly as well as its Focus Dolly Light and Aluminium Pack Track.

Egripment's TDT Remote Crane System is a high-quality, lightweight, modular length, remote crane, dolly and remote head. The 301 remote head on the TDT features the best qualities of Egripment's Scanner and 306 Heads and incorporates them into an economical, yet smooth and solid solution suitable for most ENG-sized broadcast and smaller digital film cameras.

Controls for the remote head are located at the back of the crane, on specially designed brackets that allow for very comfortable handling by the operator. The system also features guides for the camera cabling and to protect them from damage during movement. With arm sections of just five-feet-long, the modular TDT system is compact for easy and convenient transportation in a small vehicle.

With a completely new method of steering, Egripment's Universal Dolly is another powerful yet compact tool, capable of being folded down to 20x30x5 inches (50x75x12.5cm). The Universal Dolly name stems from its adaptability to all possible production requirements through the simple addition of any Egripment accessory, such as seat supports, columns, bazookas and jib arms.

Capable of carrying a payload of up to 440 pounds (200kg) with a solid camera platform, the dolly itself weighs only 37 pounds (16.8kg) without wheels. Available with both two- and four-wheel steering, the Universal Dolly can be manoeuvred from either the back or front. It can also be equipped with either flat or four- or six-inch (100 to 150mm) camera bowl sideboards and operates with pneumatic, hard rubber or track wheels.

Egripment's new Focus Dolly Light and Aluminum Pack Track is based on the company's original and popular Focus Dolly, but features an entirely new design and is built from aluminum, making it lighter and far more durable than the original. With the strong anodized Aluminum Pack Track Kit, which replaces the original Polymer Pack Track, the Focus Dolly is a complete and dependable package that's ready for track use.

Finally, the company's crane/jib/remote head ProTraveller System is designed for use with DSLR and HDV cameras. With its maximum weight of 82.5 pounds (37kg) at the largest set up length, the ProTraveller combines high-quality crane movements with a technical remote head on a lightweight frame.

Ideal for any purpose; in the field, on a track, in the studio, or even clamped to a balcony, this system can be mounted in any four-inch (100mm) camera bowl-type connection. Egripment Support Systems' new portable hardware solutions join the ranks of the company's well-established range of support systems.

Egripment will be at the 2016 NAB Show, Booth C8612.

Image: Egripment's 301 remote head solution.

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