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Recent developments in Broadcast prompted our team to create a unique range of 3G and HDTV Signal Distribution products including miniature passive splitters, relays and filters. Within a few months of introduction they have become established as firm favourites with engineers and broadcast producers around the world.

Trust us to look after your signalling needs with our unique range of products. You will receive prompt support and on time delivery from our quality-assessed manufacturing facility.

Our in house laboratories are fully equipped with modern test equipment, enabling us to design and build your solutions with a quick turnaround. This also gives us the ability to manufacture small production runs, and build special one-off items for bespoke requests.

Cable Clone

Our Cable Clone range now extends to include full 3G capability.

The Cable Clone has similar attenuation vs frequency characteristics to coax cable over the wide frequency spectrum of the serial digital signal. When installing or testing serial digital equipment it is often necessary to establish the maximum length of cable over which the signal will remain useable, or to ensure that there is sufficient margin (headroom) over a given length of cable run.

A set of Cable Clone units can be combined to simulate different lengths of coaxial cable. The Cable Clone sets are easily stored and carried round in a typical toolbox, and require no power.

· Emulates cable from DC to >3 Ghz
· Quick and easy to use
· Works with all current SDI formats
· SD, HD and 3G
· Simulates 10, 20, 40 or 80 meters Belden 1694A
· Add sections in series to increase length
· No power needed
· Known accurate loss for repeatable performance
· Pocket size

Bandpass Filters

LEN is the only dedicated video to RF filter and delay line manufacturer in the UK - Bandpass Filters and Diplexer design using LC or ceramic resonator components is a particular speciality.


The 3G, SD and HD Splitters are suitable for additional monitor feeds; remote camera locations and situations where size and weight are critical factors - such as racing cars, bikes and other sporting and research applications.

In addition, the SD Splitter is designed to split signals up to 360 MHz. It is ideal for permanent installation in a studio as well as for temporary situations.

Ground Isolators

The 3G Ground Isolator uses a broadband highpass filter to provide DC electrical isolation, whilst permitting the full bandwidth of the 3G-SDI signal to pass. This method outperforms all other broadband transformers for SDI signals currently available.

Also known as the 3G-SDI DC Isolation Highpass Filter, it is non-inverting and suitable for ASI format.

Video Isolation Transformer

Our Video Isolation Transformer is both a Hum Eliminator and a Ground Isolator with improvements over the single products. It will eradicate severe interference from 50/60 Hz. The VIT02 also acts as a high performing Ground Isolator eliminating the differences between equipment with a minimal gain distortion and phase. Medical applications require high breakdown voltages which is why the VIT02 was developed.

3G Ground Isolator

Our 3G Ground Isolator uses a highpass broadband filter to give a DC electrical isolation between equipment. This will be done whilst still allowing the full bandwidth of the 3D-SDI signal to pass. This allows our isolator to perform better than all other broadband transformers for SDI signals. It is also non-inverting and can be used for ASI format.

3G Relay

The LEN serial digital video 3G Relay provides full broadcast quality switching, for all data rates up to 3 GBits/sec.

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