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Prism Sound Brings The Versatility Of SADiE Recording and Editing To IBC 2009

Prism Sound will be showing a number of products from the SADiE range of digital audio workstations at this year's IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam (Stand: 8:E96).
Among these will be a new software-only version of the world-famous SADiE editing system.
This will operate on any computer running Microsoft Windows, as well as existing SADiE5 hardware platforms.
Full details of the new software will be announced at IBC and visitors are strongly advised to visit the company's stand for a demonstration.
Prism Sound will also be showing the SADiE LRX2 multitrack location recording workstation, which is becoming increasingly popular with production companies and film crews that need to record multitrack audio for reality television programmes.
Designed to fulfil the needs of an ever more complex recording environment and to serve a wide variety of remote recording applications, the LRX2 is as effective at capturing the original soundtracks for film and television productions as it is for producing location multitrack audio recordings for release on distributed media such as CD or DVD.
The workstation, which is based on the original SADiE LRX, takes the concept a stage further by providing additional DSP power, plus control surface enhancements, to offer the user the ability to record up to 48 discrete inputs at 48kHz/24bit (or up to 32 tracks at 96kHz/24bit) from a variety of dedicated input cards.
LRX2 hardware comprises a small assignable built-in mixer with automation and eight motorised faders, which allow rapid switching between the input and output busses with simple bank switching, pre-fade listen over headphone output, direct record track select, plus locator buttons and a separate monitor buss.
It also has professional interfaces that lock the machine to timecose, video ref or gen-locked incoming AES ref, depending on the application. Dedicated and assignable function buttons make editing very easy, while the dedicated SADiE MTR on-screen graphical user interface greatly simplifies user operation and enables the operator to quickly get to grips with the system. Sessions created in MTR mode are fully compatible with, and may be opened in, SADiE V5 software for more sophisticated post production operations.
Full Metadata support is provided in MTR mode to allow the operator to easily keep track of recordings and takes.
The LRX2 uses a standard PC Laptop running WindowsXP with a USB2 interface. A second external drive can be attached, via USB2 or Firewire, to mirror recordings and provide a simultaneous safety copy.
The flexibility of the LRX2 hinges on its ability to utilise the same high quality I/O cards as the PCM-H64 and PCM-H128 multitrack workstations. This in-built flexibility allows users to customise the LRX2 to suit their circumstances rather than having to modify their working techniques to cope with other equipment.
Prism Sound will also be showing the SADiE BB2 desktop editing system, which is proving to be a popular choice with editors around the world.
Primarily designed to address the needs of radio editors, the BB2 is a simple user interface that provides as standard eight streams of audio playback and editing and concentrates on the crucial task of rapid editing capabilities. Full interchange with more sophisticated SADiE systems is included and the unit can be upgraded to the more fully featured PCM2 software.
Full interchange with other more powerful SADiE Series 5 systems, in addition to other manufacturer's equipment, is provided to allow projects to be migrated to larger systems when required.
The hardware provides two channels of input which can be switched between microphone, line or digital (S/PDIF) and two channels of output: line, headphones and digital (S/PDIF). The unit is connected to the host PC via USB2.0.
Further information is available at: and

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