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World's first digital cinematography feature film commences shooting

A unique feature film project, a co-production deal between companies in the UK and Lithuania, began principle photography late in December 2004,
'Silence Becomes You', the world's first 100% digital cinematography film, is being captured via the Thomson Viper camera in uncompressed FilmStream RGB 4:4:4 Log 2.37 operation, with all Digital Intermediate postproduction performed via Quantel iQ assisted by additional digital image processing systems for 3D and 2D vfx work.
MotionFX, one of the UK's premier digital cinematography and digital intermediate postproduction operations, are behind the project.
MotionFX invested in digital cinematography and digital intermediate equipment at the very start of its introduction to the market, with the purchase of a Viper camera and iQ DI system in mid 2003.
From that time experimentation, testing and the odd short film and commercial enabled MotionFX to build a unique operational digital film environment, with limited market alternative or peers.
Late in 2004 MotionFX partnered with Digital Praxis, world leading digital film consultancy, with the intention of developing a full digital cinematography feature film, working in partnership with an existing film production company. With the knowledge gained from this initial project a true scene-to-screen digital film production and post-production operation could grow and develop.
Dragonfly Films is a production company that was already in discussion with MotionFX, and Stephanie Sinclaire, Director and Writer with Dragonfly Films, had a previous history with Steve Shaw from Digital Praxis as they had both worked on Oscar short listed short film 'The Dance of Shiva', along with Jack Cardiff who was DoP for The Dance of Shiva, and consultant on Silence Becomes You.
With an interesting script already written, and time spent on treatment, Silence Becomes You was an obvious first choice for testing and proving the concept of scene-to-screen digital film.
An agreement was reached where MotionFX would become co-producers for Dragonfly Films, enabling MotionFX and Digital Praxis to provide the guarantees necessary for the technology used in making the film. In this way MotionFX was able to assist in the film's production while taking on all postproduction, managing all the digital technology, from scene-to-screen.
With agreement's in place the workflow was decided, with some very key additional purchases made by MotionFX, including two additional Viper FilmStream digital cinematography cameras, two additional S.two D.mag DFR Digital Film Recorders with numerous additional D.mag packs and an A.dock backup and archive unit with Adic Scalar 24 LTO2 multiple tape Jukebox.
For production assistance a JVC HD digital film projector was purchased for immediate dailies review, with the intention of data being loaded into the off-line system during dailies review and archive backup.
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