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NHK Enterprises "nep infini" Adds AJA FS-HDR To Workflow

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AJA FS-HDR has been added to NHK Enterprise's "nep infinity" as the new cornerstone of its UltraHD HDR workflow.

"nep infini" is an online and offline workflow offering for production professionals working with a range of HD, 2K, 4K and 8K camera formats and frame rates.

"The colour range and luminance of HDR is visually unparalleled, and can help productions bring audiences more meaningful content, especially when combined with UltraHD, so naturally a number of our clients have expressed interest in the format," shared Yoshikatsu Date, executive producer of digital/image innovation at business development , global business division, NHK Enterprises. "FS-HDR with the Colorfront Engine has given us the tools, performance and reliability to devise a better workflow for clients."

For productions deploying the "nep infini" UltraHD HDR workflow, FS-HDR delivers colour fidelity and low latency conversions. With the Colorfront Engine™ built into FS-HDR, "nep infini" users can easily control colour space/format transformation, frame synchronisation and up, down, cross-conversion. Capable of handling end-to-end HDR and/or SDR productions, FS-HDR supports real-time conversion of SDR to HDR, HDR to HDR and HDR to SDR for both 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD needs. The device's multi-channel processing capabilities allow HDR/SDR transformations of up to four channels of 2K/HD/SD at the same time, or a single channel of 4K/UltraHD.

"FS-HDR excels at enhancing SDR images to appear HDR quality to the eye for HDR workflows, and doesn't require our clients to have additional HDR experience to achieve their desired look; they can draw on the same experience they have with SDR," added Mr Date.

As part of the "nep infini" workflow, the FS-HDR is housed in a dedicated cart making it easily transportable for on-set and remote production. Professionals on-set can use the device to check and adapt the look of a show to ensure it matches their vision.

"Having FS-HDR on-set has transformed the production process from beginning to end. It can be easily controlled from the production stage to verify and adjust the final look and allows you to check the contrast and darkness/highlights on set, which is a huge move forward for our industry," Mr Date explained.

Since integrating FS-HDR into "nep infini" many existing and new companies deploying the workflow have expressed interest in leveraging FS-HDR for their 4K productions.

"Before, 'nep infini' clients couldn't simultaneously output HDR/SDR on a Mac because 4K output requires two channels, but with FS-HDR, they have the flexibility to use Mac or Windows, connect their output to the FS-HDR and deliver both simultaneously in real time, which has proven to be a draw for current and new clients."

In addition to FS-HDR, the AJA Io 4K, Io XT, Ki Pro Ultra, and a host of AJA Mini-Converters are integral parts of the "nep infini" ecosystem as well.

"AJA products have exceptional name recognition because of their reliability, and that matters to live production professionals, which is why AJA remains one of our go-to resources for gear," concluded Mr Date.

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