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Fiilex – Next-Generation LED

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American lighting brand Fiilex incorporate their revered Dense Matrix LED technology across the product range, packing dozens of custom-manufactured light emitting diodes beneath a single glass optic. This compact placement of LEDs creates a powerful array that is no bigger than a coin and produces an intense specular light.

Designed in California, Fiilex lights offer a fresh perspective on LED lighting – distinct from the accustomed panel-type. Since its 2013 release, the flagship P360 has challenged the existing status quo, redefining what’s possible with LED. Now P360 has been re-engineered, creating the next-generation of LED lighting.

The new P360 is available in three variants – P360 Classic, P360 Pro & P360 Pro Plus. At first glance, all three models may appear identical to their predecessor – but significant changes have been made, inside and out.

P360's beating heart – the Dense Matrix LED chip – has been revamped, outputting 10% higher brightness and delivering an expanded colour temperature range of 2800°K to 6500°K. Complementing the new hardware is an overhauled firmware providing smoother control of brightness and colour temperature settings. On the outside, ergonomic improvements include a new accessory lock, longer yoke and deeper spigot.

Unique to P360 Pro and P360 Pro Plus is a beautiful OLED panel which displays all settings in a clean and precise format. In addition, both models benefit from built-in DMX, enabling daisy-chaining or remote operation through a separate DMX control panel. The trick up P360 Pro Plus's sleeve is a +/-25 green hue adjustment.

All models are compatible with a wide range of accessories ranging from magnetic fresnels and diffusers, to softboxes and larger fresnel attachments. With these light modifiers, P360 can be turned into a broad fill, a powerful spot, or anything in between.

Most recently, Fiilex announced the C360 and C365 – their first fixtures designed specifically for use with standard pipe-clamps, making them perfect for small-to-medium studios that require a versatile, broadcast-quality lighting solution. Their design also includes an integrated power supply, greatly simplifying overhead cable management.

In addition to being extremely low-profile, these 90W lights boast many of the same advanced control features of the Fiilex second generation P-Series, including wide-gamut colour tuning, full dimming, and hue adjustment.

To support customers through the planning stage, Fiilex are offering a free lighting design consultation, providing you with 3D renderings, simulations, and lighting calculations based on the exact specifications of your project. With this knowledge, you'll be able to accurately forecast costs and be sure that you're getting the most effective and efficient design for your space.

Fiilex conveniently offer all fixtures in ready-to-shoot kits, together with a variety of accessories in a compact wheeled hard case.

Please contact your usual dealer or Octica direct for more information.

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This article also features in the November edition of Broadcast Film & Video.

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