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Projected Image Solutions For Colour Grading

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The use of projected images in colour grading environments is a long-established method of viewing grading material in the post-production process.

Projection can potentially give the closest possible representation to how content will ultimately look in a theatre or broadcast environment, and the natural size of a projected image, when compared to a typical production monitor, is also of benefit when reviewing and adjusting images.

There are a number of key technological requirements which define an appropriate projector for colour grading; and these requirements mean that a "typical" data projector which may be used in corporate or meeting room environment, is unlikely to be suitable for such demanding work. Key amongst these requirements are the following:

• Black level and contrast ratio – the requirement to produce the highest possible dynamic range contrast between black and peak white level

• Colourimetry – alongside contrast ratio and black level, it is an absolute requirement that the projector faithfully reproduces the original colour of the images, in order to correctly adjust for colour in the grading process

• Native spatial resolution – the basic native resolution of the projector is defined by the horizontal and vertical pixel count, with the advent of 4K acquisition meaning an increasing requirement to display images in their native form without downscaling.

It is essential for colour grading work that a projector is selected with reference to the above requirements. With the growth of 4K acquisition, and further to that, the development of HDR technology, the requirements for grading quality projection becomes even more critical.

JVC has a long history in supplying projectors for critical imaging applications, such as medical and scientific imaging, along with post-production and colour grading applications. Now JVC has extended this history to incorporate the latest technological requirements in terms of 4K and HDR imaging.

JVC's latest projector, the DLA-Z1, is the ideally suited to colour grading applications, offering a class-leading combination of 4K imaging, HDR capability and ultra-high contrast ratio. This new projector includes a Laser light source realizing a brightness of 3,000lm which also has dynamic light source control, and with minimum 20,000 hours operational life time. Additionally a high brightness, high quality, and vivid 4K picture can be produced thanks to the new lens dedicated for 4K imaging.

The combination of Laser light source and new Cinema Filter can obtain wide colour gamut of 100% DCI P3 and over 80% coverage of BT.2020, meeting the key requirements of post-production work.

Also from a practical point of view, the relatively compact form factor, and low acoustic noise of the DLA-Z1, means that installation is convenient in wide range of grading suite environments.

The result of these technical features of the DLA-Z1 means that it is ideally suited to colour grading applications demanding the highest imaging quality in 4K and HDR content.

For further information on the DLA-Z1 projector, please see

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