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DVEO Announces New Products For Streaming Media West 2016

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DVEO have announced that they will demonstrate their latest video streaming and ad insertion solutions at Streaming Media West 2016 in Huntington Beach, California, November 1-2.

Announcing their plan, Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO, said: "We are excited to be showing our latest leading edge products at Streaming Media West. Our products range from telco quality 200 channel transcoders to easy-to-use single channel encoders, and everything in between.

"We are also honored to be re-selected for the Streaming Media 100 -- Streaming Media magazine's annual list of the "100 Companies that Matter Most in Online Video" -- for the fourth year in a row."

DVEO products at Streaming Media West will include:
• ARQ Error Correction Enabled H.264 Encoder and Decoder -- ARQ Link HD IP
Designed for telcos and multi-screen operators that deploy IPTV and OTT, the ARQ Link HD IP combines encoding, decoding and IP networking with DVEO's patented DOZER ARQ Automated Packet Recovery, ensuring packet loss free real-time video delivery over IP networks including wireless and the Internet. H.265 is offered as an option.

The ARQ Link encoder features 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, or SDI input and IP output. The matching decoder supports UDP input and converts the compressed digital video and audio into HD-SDI or SDI, or optional HDMI or ASI, output. Encoding/decoding latency is 1.5 seconds. The remotely manageable system supports resolutions up to 1080p50/60. It also performs AES-128 encryption between units.

• Live/VOD Media Servers with Catch-up TV and Live Time Shift over HLS -- Atlas Media Servers
The DVEO Atlas Media Server Family is a cost-efficient way for smaller telcos and cable operators to deliver live and on-demand multi-bitrate IPTV and OTT services. The multichannel systems ingest H.265 or H.264 live streams over IP, then "groom" the streams by adding wrappers such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, or RTMP, plus subtitles for closed captions or multiple languages.

All Atlas systems feature server side ad insertion with HLS – the server inserts pre-encoded ads based on a schedule or with SCTE markers, and dynamically targets ads to specific users based on their location. The systems also include Catch-up TV and live timeshift functionality (rewind/fast forward) over HLS.

• Real Time Video Conferencing Appliance -- Conf Box IP/DOZER
The Conf Box IP/DOZER is a tiny real time video conferencing appliance for cost effective video communications over poor or congested public or private internet connections. Thanks to DOZER ARQ Automated Packet Recovery, this encoder/decoder unit will work over unconditioned lines such as the public internet. It has been field tested in countries such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Korea, and Nigeria.

The Conf Box IP/DOZER ingests a single input -- either one SDI/HD-SDI input (up to 1080p/60), or one HDMI input, or one GigE IP. The IP output can be scaled to any resolution up to 1080i 60. The system ships as two small encoder/decoder pairs with two inexpensive sample cameras.

The Conf Box IP/DOZER provides an end-to-end latency of 400 milliseconds. It can also record and stream at the same time with the built-in 32GB solid state drive inside the unit or with any USB attached storage.

• Targeted Multistream Dynamic Ad Insertion and Delivery Platform -- AD SPOTTER
The AD SPOTTER is DVEO's new multi-criteria advertising platform that uses content and viewer information to make decisions about the actual ads played out to all viewers, to dynamically select ads to maximize revenue. The AD SPOTTER generates SCTE-35 and cue tones with content type information, interprets SCTE-35 information and the viewer's receiver data, and then seamlessly inserts user targeted ads into live or stored transport streams. The system can also trigger "ad starts" via IP messaging, scheduled, or manual triggering. The AD SPOTTER can also insert ads inside, overlaid, or around the video content via slices, overlays, crawl messages, alert bugs, and video squeezes.

• Compact Low Latency H.264 Encoder/Archiver -- Spark-E II
The Spark-E II is a portable, compact (5.9 inches), and efficient single channel Linux-based H.264 encoder, live streamer designed for encoding 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, analog, or HDMI input from cameras, or video content from analog sources. It encodes this content to one H.264 standard stream, records it, and outputs it to an IP network.

The resulting stream can be viewed with standard transport stream compatible set-top boxes or software clients such as VideoLAN VLC or JW Player. Operators can stream video content to YouTube or Facebook, or to CDNs and websites like Ustream, Akamai, Octoshape, Verizon, etc. The IP video stream can also be simultaneously recorded onto a USB stick for archives or later playback. The Spark-E II features a low latency of less than half a second.


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