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Reuters Deploys Solutions For Global HD Broadcast Of Oscar Pistorius Trial

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I think with the fast moving pace of technology and reliable service offered by the satellite IP providers this is a great time for DSNG up-linking, writes Dave Nicoll at Sematron. We can now use exception value uplink terminals along with the convergence of the IP world to give a truly new workflow structure to the modern DSNG operator in the field.

We have delivered solutions to Tier 1 broadcasters that not only achieves a 10 Mbit/s uncontended uplink but also gives 10 Mbit/s WiFi hotspot to service the local area of operation with such important functionality as internet connection, VoIP connectivity and file transfer at a price that could have been imagined only a few years ago!

The Sematron TP100 satellite system is a 1.0M segmented fly-away that packs down into two easily transportable case under 20kg. For added resilience, the system can be fitted with Ka or Ku Band electronics, making the TP100 a very versatile solution – exactly what is needed for the modern DSNG news crew.

Every operational situation has been considered from the ever-present issue of power. The TP100 antenna system and IP modem can be run from any standard Vee-lock style camera battery, to the need for fast accurate antenna alignment. The TP100 also has a pointing assist option which tells you where to point and gives real time feed-back of the current location and graphical/audio indication of signal level for you desired satellite.

Sematron has reacted to the fast changing world of DSNG and we think the TP100 encompasses all that is good with this new technology. This technology was used during last year's trial of Olympian Oscar Pistorius.

Global news agency, Thomson Reuters, successfully broadcast live HD coverage of the entire Oscar Pistorius court trial, via a partnership between global satellite operator Avanti Communications, hardware supplier Sematron and Broadcast IP Systems (BIPS). Since March 2014, coverage of the high-profile trial has been beamed in HD to millions of viewers across the world by Reuters and its commercial partners.

Avanti's Ka-band satellite technology has reliably provided the high throughout and coverage essential for delivering high-quality contribution for Reuters' IP broadcast. The operator's Ka-band technology is bi-directional and flexibly combines with 3G to give a resilient multi-path solution while broadcasting on-the-move.

Sematron's TP100, a lightweight, easy-to-deploy terminal and modem, is powered directly from camera batteries. This removes the need for a heavyweight generator. Additionally, the modem has built-in WiFi for even more flexibility for SNG customers.

George Johnson, Technical Coordinator at Reuters, said: "As the world's largest news organisation, our reputation rests in the hand of our trusted suppliers. Reuters is proud to pioneer global SNG solutions and often, from the remotest of locations. Sharing the same vision as us for agile and reliable broadcast services, we are excited to deepen our commercial partnership with Avanti, Sematron and BIPS."

Matthew O'Connor, Chief Operating Officer of Avanti Communications, commented: "Provision of seamless broadcast coverage for the duration of the Pistorius trial further demonstrates the flexibility of IP over Ka-band. Avanti is extremely proud to support the world's largest broadcasters as we continue to redefine the SNG marketplace for the new generation of IP broadcasters."

Dave Nicoll, Business Manager at Sematron, added: "The Holkirk (a Sematron company) TP100 has proven itself as a truly versatile Ka-band terminal. It operates on Avanti's satellite fleet to cover high-profile live events in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa. Our product is the perfect combination of size, weight and performance to deliver high quality HD video, radio and internet to the bureau staff."

Helen Brown, Director at BIPS, said: "Our partnership has been an overwhelming success. Working with a handful of trusted suppliers, we are able to support delivery of low-cost fast and flexible global solutions for the SNG industry."

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