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About Hawk-Woods Ltd

As a company with over 25 years experience and knowledge in the Broadcast Industry we offer a wide range of products for camera operators, sound recordists and lighting engineers. Ranging from broadcast camera batteries, chargers, power adaptors, cables and plugs.

  • Adaptors & Fittings
  • Batteries
  • Charging Solutions
  • Cables & Plugs
  • Holders
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Monitor Power Solutions
  • Power Solutions

Mini V Lok Batteries
The mini battery system offers you everything of the standard size battery does in a mini V-lok case. The perfect solution if you want those long run times, but want to save on weight and space! The battery is that small, will fit into the palm of your hand! These batteries will work on all existing fittings and chargers. The 100w and 150w under their own wattage brackets are flight safe for carry-on luggage, volumes is subject to the airline!

Sound Devices Power Adaptors
The MixPWR adaptor design specifically for the Sound Devices MixPre slots directly onto the rear of the mixer just like Sound Devices original battery sled, this will click into place to ensure a secure connection. This allows users to power the mixer from a external powering device.

Spigot Light Stand Power Adaptor
The Spigot adaptors are the latest addition to the extensive Hawk-woods range which make powering LED Panel heads a simple task. The Spigot attaches to 16mm C-Stands, seated between the light fixture and the stand allowing for power to be easily supplied at an arms reach. The Spigot is manufactured in V-Lok & Gold Mount fittings supplying power direct from two batteries via a 3pin XLR output. Versions available will be 14v and 28.8v. A 28mm Spigot and 48v version is also currently in design.

Gripper 15mm Bar Battery System
The new Gripper Series are the first range of batteries specifically designed for use on today’s professional “rigs” without the need for any additional brackets or clamps to mount the battery. Available are two options; 75W & 100W batteries covering the needs of today’s camera operators.

Each battery is fitted with two power-con (D-Taps) outputs as standard and can easily be increased by simply plugging in a 4 way gripper adaptor to either socket. An LED fuel gauge will show the user the remaining capacity of the battery. Each battery has been UN tested for safe airlines; and are suitable for transportation on passenger aircraft as carry-on luggage.

Servicing and Repairs
Hawk-Woods offer a comprehensive refurbishment & repair service, for both our own and some third-party manufactured broadcast equipment. This typically involves battery re-celling and the servicing & fault finding of broadcast equipment.

We are very aware of the pressures those working in the broadcast industry are under. Equipment faults, especially in remote parts of the world - can be very detrimental to any work being carried out. We aim to turn faulty products around as soon as possible and have a number of courier options available to us in order to return items to you as soon as possible. Should we be unable to repair faulty goods (covered by our warranty) in a convenient given time, we are often able provide replacement loan equipment until it is ready.

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