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PAG - The Linking Battery People

PAG is the originator and manufacturer of technologically advanced and innovative portable camera power systems for broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography. The company is best known for its Intelligent Linking Batteries.

Experience and Expertise
Producing a first class broadcast battery system requires a considerable degree of engineering knowhow. With 50 years experience, and countless successful designs, PAG’s R&D Department has the skills that set it apart from other battery manufacturers. Using patented, proprietary systems, PAG is able to create technologically innovative products that are safer, more compact and better suited to the needs of modern broadcast professionals in every way.

Did you know?
PAG products are designed and manufactured in the UK.
PAG's in-house product designers are available to assist customers with the application of its systems.
PAG products are truly innovative, with unique features and patented technologies.
PAG is accredited the coveted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.
PAG batteries are certified to UN 38.3 Standard by Intertek plc, and are compliant with air transport regulations.
PAG batteries have an unsurpassed safety record.
PAG offers full technical support throughout a product’s lifetime.
PAG provides a fast turnaround on service and repairs.
PAG offers a free recycling program for its expired batteries.

Mini PAGlink Battery System
The demand for professional batteries, suitable for powering smaller, handheld cameras in combination with their accessories, is the inspiration behind the Mini PAGlink system. It comprises 50Wh and 99Wh batteries available in V-Mount & Gold Mount formats. The batteries incorporate fixed D-Tap outputs, as well as a USB (5V 2A), which can be swapped by the user for other connector types (Lemo & Hirose). Unlike other mini format batteries, Mini PAGlink offers intelligent battery linking.

Intelligent Linking Batteries
PAG's unique battery linking technology eliminates all your camera power worries. Batteries can be used individually, when weight is the prime concern, or linked, when you need more power. Combining battery capacities greatly extends run-time and allows a higher current draw of 12A, ideal for powering a camera and multiple accessories simultaneously. PAGlink batteries can be hot-swapped for continuous power, which means no more time-wasting reboots during shooting. Sharing the current load across 2 or more batteries extends overall life and provides a better ROI than other systems. PAG guarantees its Mini PAGlink batteries for 2 years.

Intelligent Linked Charging
PAG introduced linked battery charging to the industry in 2012. Up to 10 Mini PAGlink batteries can be linked and simultaneously charged on each position of any PAGlink charger, putting an end to midnight battery swapping for crews on location. PAG also offers the world’s smallest travel charging kit for broadcast batteries. It can be powered from worldwide AC supplies, a 12V vehicle battery or a 2A USB wall-plug charger. The PSU and power cables required are included in the kit.


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Matthew Field Technical Services Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Nigel Gardiner Sales Director +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Sarah Lavender Sales Administration Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Stefan Czich UK Sales Manager +44 7768565457
Steve Emmett Publicity Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131

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Company News

PAG introduces plug-in USB-C Output Unit for MPL Batteries

This USB type ‘C’ Output Unit increases the range of devices that can be powered using your already versatile Mini PAGlink batteries.

It outputs 3A at 5V, 9V and 12V, enabling a total of 36W to be drawn. The output voltage is determined automatically by the device that you connect. It is compatible with most phones and can be used to power low-voltage camera accessories.

The unit plugs into the output port in place of the USB-A unit supplied with every Mini PAGlink battery.

Output units can be released from the Mini PAGlink battery output port using the slider situated on the rear of the battery. Other output units that feature a D-Tap, Lemo (2-pin), Hirose (4-pin) and 2.1 - 2.5mm connector can also be used in place of the USB.

This type C output unit will charge a laptop battery but cannot be used to power a laptop.
Power your MacBook Pro with PAG’s USB-C Adaptor

PAG has introduced a USB-C Adaptor for use with its Mini PAGlink batteries. This compact, lightweight adaptor increases the range of devices that you can power using your already versatile batteries.

The adaptor plugs into the D-Tap output situated on-top of any Mini PAGlink battery (50Wh or 99Wh, V-Mount or Gold Mount), and enables a total of 95W to be drawn for powering a laptop, such as a MacBook Pro, as well as your phone.

The USB-C PD type output allows a draw of up to 65W and can be used to power 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V or 20V devices. This is determined automatically by the device that you connect. Similarly, the USB-C & USB-A ‘Quick-Charge’ outputs accept 5V, 9V and 12V devices, and provide up to 30W (individually or combined).

A captive screw is built-in which secures the adaptor in the MPL battery’s quarter-inch bush.

The unit also incorporates an ON/OFF switch to save battery power when it is not in use.
PAG offers smaller, more sustainable, Mini PAGlink batteries

Mini PAGlink is PAG’s new system of intelligent linking batteries that features all the benefits of its established linking technology, in a smaller and lighter package. The batteries are available in V-Mount and Gold Mount formats, as well as 99Wh and 50Wh capacities.

The MPL50 is a low-profile, lightweight, 50Wh battery, ideal for powering small, 4K camcorders, director’s monitors or lights. The MPL99 is a more compact and lighter 99Wh battery, ideal for any broadcast or cinema camera set-up. These ‘mini’ batteries have many new and unique features designed to assist camera professionals. They provide the essential outputs for 12V camera accessories that handheld camcorders often lack. The MPL50 has one D-Tap, and the MPL99 features two. Each battery also includes a USB output module, ideal for powering 5V accessories (2A continuous, 3A peak). This module can be removed via a release button and replaced with other modules that feature Hirose, Lemo or D-Tap connectors. Now, instead of powering each accessory individually, you can replace a multitude of camcorder-type batteries with a single, superior power source for the entire set-up.
Unlike all other ‘mini’ or ‘micro’ batteries, Mini PAGlink offers intelligent battery linking. It allows you to control the capacity and weight of the power source to suit any application. If you are shooting handheld, individual batteries will keep things light. If your set-up includes multiple accessories, requiring more power, you can create a 200Wh or a 300Wh power source by linking batteries that have flight-friendly capacities; this is preferable to using individual, high-capacity batteries which are bulky and banned from passenger aircraft.

Batteries of any rated capacity, in any state of charge, can be linked to provide power, their capacities safely combined. Current can be drawn from each battery simultaneously, which increases the overall capability to 12A. Linking also enables seamless hot-swapping of the rear battery for continuous power, without the need for a separate plate; or you can simply add another battery to extend run-time. Linking extends overall battery life, because the current load is shared. PAG guarantees Mini PAGlink batteries for 2 years, with unlimited cycles during that period.

The Li-Ion cells chosen for Mini PAGlink are the same as those approved by NASA for its mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. After extensive testing of commercially available cells with a 10A capability, NASA found these to have the best capacity retention after 500 cycles, and the best energy efficiency.

PAG’s new modular battery design makes servicing quicker and more economic. Individual modules, including the cell-pack, can be replaced at authorised service centres around the world, whilst maintaining compliance with air safety standards. Reusing case parts, output modules and internal electronics contributes towards greater sustainability.
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