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About PAG Ltd

PAG is the originator and manufacturer of the world’s most technologically advanced camera power systems for broadcast acquisition, video production and digital cinematography.

Reasons to choose PAG:
  • The most technologically advanced power products in the industry
  • Products designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Direct contact with the in-house product designers and manufacturers
  • Manufacturing quality standard certified to ISO9001:2008
  • Batteries independently tested to UN standard
  • Batteries fully compliant with air transport regulations
  • Unsurpassed safety record
  • 50 years of specialist knowledge
  • Full technical support throughout a product’s lifetime
  • A fast turnaround on service and repairs
  • An international network of authorised service centres
  • A free recycling program for expired PAG batteries
  • Air transport advice for all PAG customers

Experience and Expertise
Producing a first class broadcast battery system requires a considerable degree of engineering knowhow. With 50 years experience, and countless successful designs, PAG’s R&D Department has the skills that set it apart from other battery manufacturers, especially those that offer no original technology. Using its own patented systems, PAG is able to create technologically innovative products that are safer, more compact and lightweight, and better suited to the needs of modern broadcast professionals in every way.

PAGlink Battery System
PAG offers a unique system of intelligent linking batteries that eliminate all your camera power worries. PAGlink allows you to use batteries individually, when weight is the prime concern, or linked, when you need more power. Combining battery capacities greatly extends run-time and allows a higher current draw of 12A, ideal for powering a camera and multiple accessories simultaneously. PAGlink batteries can be hot-swapped for continuous power, which means no more time-wasting reboots during shooting. Sharing the current load across 2 or more batteries extends overall life and provides a better ROI than other systems. PAG guarantees its 94/96Wh batteries for 3 years.

PAGlink is available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount formats. The 96Wh or 150Wh batteries are smaller and lighter than competitor’s Li-Ion batteries of equivalent capacity. They feature PAG’s unique Run-Time & Capacity Display technology, and are compatible with multiple camera data systems and in-viewfinder capacity displays.

More Outputs for Accessories
Rather than having D-Taps built into the battery, PAG offers a separate PowerHub distribution plate. It has 5 outputs that you can configure with the connectors that you need: D-Tap, Hirose, Lemo, 2.1mm or USB. The PowerHub sits between 2 PAGlink batteries and enables you to keep accessories powered-up when you hot-swap.

Intelligent Linked Charging
PAGlink is the first broadcast power system that allows batteries to be charged when they are linked. Up to 16 PAGlink batteries, of any rated capacity, can be charged simultaneously on a 2-position PL16 charger. 8 batteries can be fully-charged overnight, putting an end to midnight battery swapping. PAG also offers a versatile, ultra-compact travel charging kit that can be powered from a variety of 5-20V DC sources. The Micro Charger fully-charges 2 linked batteries in 8 hours. It can be powered from worldwide AC supplies, via its PSU/AC adaptor, from a 12V vehicle battery or a 2A USB wall-plug charger. The accessories for this are included in the kit.


Name Role Email Telephone
Matthew Field Technical Services Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Nigel Gardiner Sales Director +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Sarah Lavender Sales Administration Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131
Steve Emmett Publicity Manager +44 (0)20 8543 3131

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