Broadcast News Archive for April, 2013
05/04/2013 Playbox Announces NAB Lineup
PlayBox Technology is presenting its full range of products and services at NAB 2013. The introduction of ScheduleBox expands the company’s range of products and modular options to meet the increasin

05/04/2013 RTW To Exhibit TM3-3G TouchMonitor At NAB
RTW is to exhibit its TM3-3G TouchMonitor at at NAB 2013, Booth C1844. The TM3-3G allows the TM3’s current hardware and software design to visualise, convert and replay 3G SDI signals in TV and video

05/04/2013 Small Is Beautiful...
While conventional wisdom might dictate that smaller businesses struggle in times of economic certainty, it can actually be a chance for prudent, independent studios to capitalise on bigger broadcaste

05/04/2013 Studio Production Under Pressure
Tight deadlines, quick production turnarounds, challenging guests - it’s all in a day’s work for journalist and broadcaster Neil Sean, whose show Be My Guest is filmed at Westminster Live Studios in L

05/04/2013 Vizrt To Show Adobe Enhancements At NAB
Vizrt Ltd. has announced it will be displaying new enhancements to the integration between Viz Media Engine and the upcoming version of Adobe® Premiere® Pro software at this year's NAB show. Vizrt’s

04/04/2013 110 Years Of Ealing Studios
Ealing Studios is the leading independent British studio that produces and distributes feature films and provides over 100,000sq ft of stages, facilities and offices to the film, TV and media industry

04/04/2013 Anton/Bauer To Showcase Gold Spectrum At NAB
Anton/Bauer has revealed it will showcase its new Anton/Bauer Gold Spectrum™ Wireless Series at the 2013 NAB Show (Vitec Videocom Booth C6025). A collaboration between Anton/Bauer and Vitec Group sis

04/04/2013 Easter Eggs...Live!
Millions of viewers tuned in and logged on to watch Channel 4's Easter Eggs live, which broadcast unique and exclusive footage of animals breaking out of their shell. Digital media provider Numiko wa

04/04/2013 Elstree Marks 'Another Great Year'
Elstree Studios have announced "another excellent year", naming increased studio sales and new contracts. BBC Studio and Post Production have moved into stages 8 and 9, with both stages having been r

04/04/2013 Eyeheight Captures Oxbridge Boat Race
Outside broadcast and satellite uplink service providers SIS LIVE chose Eyeheight CC-2M colour correctors when covering the 2013 Oxford & Cambridge University Boat Race on Sunday 31 March. Installed

04/04/2013 London Calling...
As the UK economic climate continues to follow a downturn, two London-based studios, 3 Mills and Wimbledon, are still on top of their game. 3 Mills and Wimbledon are both an essential part of the bro

04/04/2013 NAB Snapshots (Part 1)
Just before packing his bags and jetting off to Las Vegas, George Jarrett had time to give us a second preview this year’s show... NAB will be upon us before many people have finished scoffing

04/04/2013 NAB Snapshots (Part 2)
Studio Technologies, which produces audio, video and fiber-optic products for the sound, installation and broadcast markets, will focus on the Live-Link 07X and 200 series announcers consoles. Big new

03/04/2013 AVIWEST Announces NAB Line-Up
French digital video equipment provider AVIWEST has announced its showcase lineup for this year's NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, 8 – 11 April. New: AVIWEST DMNG PRO110 The DMNG

03/04/2013 Big Interview: Pinewood Studios (Part 1)
Pinewood Studios is currently going through an exciting period of expansion and change, with regards to the physical layout of the studios as well as within the digitisation process and the challenges

03/04/2013 Big Interview: Pinewood Studios (Part 2)
As well as physically expanding, Pinewood is also advancing in the field of digital post production. How is this being achieved? Giles – In recognition of the fact that our clients are acquiri

03/04/2013 Sound Devices Bring PIX 260i To NAB
Sound Devices has announced it will be showcasing the PIX 260i Production Video Recorder at NAB 2013 (Booth C2849). Based on Sound Devices’ PIX 240i Recorder, the rack-mounted PIX 260i is a file-base

03/04/2013 Storage: Will It End In Tiers?
David Skeggs, workflow designer at root6, discusses tiered storage and explores its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I’ve never been totally convinced about tiered storage. Essentiall

03/04/2013 The Changing Face Of TV News...
The way breaking news is covered on TV is changing fast. New technologies are enabling more events and stories to be covered live or near live, and with almost every man or woman on the street owni

03/04/2013 Timed Text and Subtitling
Potential users of timed-text are still undecided on which format to use. John Birch, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Screen Systems, discusses the various market areas and which standards to emplo

03/04/2013 Vinten Introduces Vision Blue Family At NAB
Vinten® is to showcase its recently-completed Vision blue range at this year’s NAB2013 event at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, 6-11 April. Appearing for the first time in the US is the Vision blue3,