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Dolby 3D Digital Cinema Expands Global Presence

Dolby Laboratories Inc., provider of high-quality audio and surround sound, announced at Cinema Expo 2008 this week the growth of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema worldwide.
With sales and commitments to date of more than 350 systems to exhibitors and equipment distributors in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Dolby continues to transform theatrical experiences with its high-quality digital 3D solution.
Peter Seagger, Vice President of International Cinema Sales, Dolby Laboratories, said: "Momentum for the Dolby 3D system is growing, as exhibitors around the world are seeing the immediate benefits of our digital 3D solution. Not only does our high-quality system create an incredible moviegoing experience for customers, but it's also easy for exhibitors to integrate in their theatres. With a retractable colour wheel that uses the white screen already installed in theatres, Dolby 3D allows exhibitors to easily switch between 3D and 2D movies without the compromise of using a silver screen for 2D films. Many exhibitors also like the fact that our system uses cost-effective, reusable passive 3D glasses, which are also more environmentally friendly."
The majority of Dolby 3D sales commitments around the world are expected to be operational in time for this summer's exciting digital 3D releases, including New Line's 'Journey 3D' and nWave Picture's 'Fly Me To The Moon'.
Ben Stasson, Director of 'Fly Me To The Moon', said: "The future of 3D cinema depends on the ability of filmmakers and exhibitors to deliver truly immersive, high-quality cinema experiences to audiences, and Dolby 3D Digital Cinema enables us to fulfill this mission. Dolby 3D brings excellent projection quality with colour balance, great sharpness and brightness and premium overall viewing comfort."
Dolby 3D Digital Cinema uses a unique colour filtering technology to provide realistic colour reproduction and sharp images to every seat in the house. By inserting the filter into the light path before the image is formed by the DLP engine, the projector delivers crystal clear images that pop off the screen with an amazing sense of depth.
To date, Dolby 3D has presented numerous digital 3D titles in theatres, such as Walt Disney Pictures' 'Meet The Robinsons', Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D', Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros' 'Beowulf', Disney's 'Hannah Montana' and 3ality Digital Entertainment's 'U23D' For a list of Dolby Digital Cinema and Dolby 3D Digital Cinema locations, please visit:

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