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SSL C100 sets new standards for Far Eastern broadcasters

The popularity of Solid State Logic’s C100 digital production console continues to grow in the Far East with news that Korean broadcasters MBC and KBS have both placed orders for the console.
State broadcaster KBS (Korean Broadcast Systems) is installing its C100 in its prestigious concert hall in Seoul, which regularly hosts classical, folk, pop and Korean traditional music concerts. The hall already features an SSL XL 9000 K Series console, which is used to provide live, high quality recordings of concert hall events for both stereo and surround productions. These are being released on CD and DVD Audio and/or SACD.
The 32-frame C100 console will primarily be used in conjunction with the XL 9000 K Series console. It is equipped with 128 channels of DSP and 48 microphone inputs, analogue, AES/EBU and MADI I/O. KBS is also planning to add a C-SB Remote Microphone Stagebox at some point in the future.
SSL’s Korean distributor Je Ho Shin, who was responsible for the sales to both KBS and MBC, said: “KBS selected the C100 console because its snap shot function is very useful, particularly when applied to a live situation. They were also impressed by the reliability of the console, its compact processor size and the fact that it has processing capacity to cope with future 5.1 surround requirements.”
Privately owned company MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation), one of the three main broadcasters in Korea, installed its first 16-frame C100 console into its Seoul-based facility in December 2003. The second 16-frame console, due to be delivered in July, is also destined for Seoul.
Although primarily designed for on-air studio applications and live-to tape talk and game shows, MBC is using its C100 consoles for postproduction because they offer a fast and efficient way of handling multiple audio sources and destinations. Their compact frames, excellent ergonomics and ease of operation were also important factors in MBC’s decision making process.
Je Ho Shin said: “The C100 is ideal because MBC’s production process is largely live, hence ideally suited to the C100’s features. MBC plans to use its new C100 console for on-air applications at some point in the future, but before this happens staff want to get used to the desk and its comprehensive set of features. They are already convinced of its reliability and are particularly delighted with its compact processor rack as space within the studio was at a premium.”
Niall Feldman, SSL’s director of product marketing, adds that MBC’s decision to install a second C100 reflects the on-going good relationship between the two companies, which began in 2000 when the broadcaster bought an Aysis Air console for a new Outside Broadcast vehicle.
“Forging a good after-sales relationship with customers is very important, particularly in the Far East,” he said. “We have been fortunate in this regard as both MBC and KBS were existing SSL clients before we introduced the C100 console.”

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