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IDX Launch SONY BPU Form Factor Batteries

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The Sony BPU form factor battery is very popular. Not only is it the battery of choice in many Sony camcorders but other manufacturers of monitors and peripheral equipment have adopted it as a compact and cost effective battery solution.

IDX is launching two new models, the SBU-50 rated at 48 Watts and the SBU-98 having a very large capacity of 96 Watt hours. A major incentive for end users to choose these models are that D.C. output plugs are provided to power all the ancillaries now essential to modern film making and lacking on so many competitors' products. The SBU-98 has three outputs. One is the conventional D-Tap, offering battery voltage output on a low cost cable. This same cable can be used on the second plug, the D-Tap advanced connector. In addition to D.C. output, this D-Tap advanced connector allows controlled charging of the battery from the compact and low cost IDX charger, the VL-DT1. The third D.C. output uses the very popular USB format to give 5.0 volts at up to 2.3 amps. Having a smaller capacity, the SB-U50 has 2 outputs losing the conventional D-Tap but retains the more versatile D-Tap advanced and the 5.0 volt USB connectors. The SBU-50 and SBU-98 are two of eight new IDX batteries on display on stand H26 at the BVE show London in February.

They are joined by two Sony L series form factor batteries. There are two models in the range, the SL-F50 rated at 48 Watt hours and the SL-F70 having a larger capacity at 72 Watt hours. They have 2 D.C. output plugs. One is the new X-Tap plug offering 7.4 volt battery voltage output via a C-XTAP2 cable. This cable is open ended allowing the user to configure it to fit their favourite accessory be it an LED monitor or camera light. In addition to D.C. output, this X-Tap connector allows controlled charging of the battery from the compact and low cost IDX charger the LC-XT1. The second D.C. output uses the very popular USB format to give 5.0 volts at up to 2.3 amps.

Most eagerly awaited are the new IPLs (IDX Powerlink batteries), a worthy successor to their E-HL9, well-known in the industry as the benchmark for camera batteries. The IPL's offer increased versatility in two ergonomically designed IPL-98 and IPL-150 models. When they are stacked on the camera, power is drawn from the last battery rather than all batteries simultaneously and it can be exchanged when discharged allowing filming to take place uninterrupted. Digital data is supported to accurately advise state of charge. Uniquely, a budget IDX battery like the CUE-D150 can be stacked on the back of an IPL. Camera operators will love the fact that up to 8 IPLs can be stacked charged on the VL-2000S two channel charger so no longer is there a need during the night to get up and swap empty for charged batteries. A lightweight low cost charging option is also possible through the D-Tap advanced socket. There are a range of outputs including USB and D-Tap and even a built-in small V-Torch to help operators function in the dark.

The DUO-C98 and DUO-C198 are worthy upgrades to the existing popular 95 and 190 models. Increased capacity is always welcome but the addition of digital data is probably more significant for many high end users who need to know accurately when a battery will need changing. The V-Torch is another additional feature to add to a long list which includes the D-Tap advanced connector which facilitates a low cost charging option.

Image: SB-U50 & SB-U98.

This article also features in the January edition of Broadcast Film & Video.


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