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Tektronix Joins The 3D Revolution At Broadcast Video Expo In London

Tektronix, a leader in broadcast test, monitoring and analysis solutions, showcased a range of video and audio test solutions at BVE this year, from its award-winning waveform monitors and rasterizers, to file-based content verification tools and QoE test solutions, as well as announcing significant enhancements to its 3D test and monitoring solutions.
Tektronix will be demonstrating its latest firmware for monitoring and measuring 3D signals either as two separate HD-SDI signals or as a level B multiplex within a 3G signal. Display monitoring such as Difference Map, Overlay, Anaglyph and Checkerboard allow operators to easily see the differences between the left and right eye signals. Users can then measure the difference between the left-eye and right-eye signals using the Disparity Grid or Disparity Cursors.
Visitors to the Tektronix stand were also able to view the recently introduced SyncVu display which provides synchronised views of the left two and right two tiles of the four tile display, allowing users to quickly configure the measurement displays to show left eye and right eye views of the signals. Together, these tools (which are available on the WFM8000 and WVR8000 Series) provide a comprehensive set of 3D measurement and monitoring solutions.
Highlights on the Tektronix stand this year included:
  • Tektronix waveform monitors and rasterizers, including the portable WFM5000 and WVR5000 Series, and the award-winning WFM8000 and WVR8000 Series high performance 3G/HD/SD-SDI waveform monitors and rasterizers which provide real-time automated 3G-SDI Eye pattern display and jitter measurements to help broadcasters and network operators effectively diagnose signal problems and help equipment designers and manufacturers reduce time to market for new 3G-SDI products. The WFM/WVR8000 Series also offer support for ATSC A/85 recommended practice and EBU R128. Features include man Audio Loudness Meter, an Audio Loudness Session Display and the industry's first Loudness monitoring of Dolby Digital Plus audio, amongst others
  • Cerify SW file-based content verification software for verifying and checking file-based content prior to transmission or use. Cerify supports most of the formats and standards used in file-based video and facilitates third-party integration using the CeriTalk API. Recent upgrades to Cerify SW include added analysis support for AVC-Intra files, as well as new Audio Loudness tests to meet the ITU-R BS.1770 standard. In addition, the new Cerify Windows Enterprise Solution enables many servers to act as one, offering the flexibility of deploying large Cerify clusters that can process hundreds of files simultaneously while allowing the operational simplicity of provisioning the cluster as if it was one single Cerify unit
  • The TG700 Multiformat Video Generator, which offers sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analogue and serial digital formats, including high-definition and 3G. The TG700 has a modular architecture that offers the flexibility to meet the single-format and growing multiformat needs of the video professional and allows up to four modules to be fitted in the mainframe
  • Tektronix' new Digital Content Monitoring family, which offers broadcasters and other video service providers the leading solution for identifying and diagnosing Quality of Experience (QoE) problems before they affect viewers. These real-time monitoring solutions are capable of monitoring video and audio quality on hundreds of channels simultaneously, can generate historical reports with up to 60 days of information and can detect intermittent and critical problems that are often missed by other monitoring tools (including temporary loss of audio/video services, audio silence, video freeze, tiling, macro blocking, pixilation, slow channel changing and set-top box application errors
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