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About The Digital Production Partnership

The DPP is here to make the move to fully digital, global, internet-enabled content creation and distribution work more productively for all.

The DPP is a Membership-based, not-for-profit company, founded by our shareholders: ITV, BBC and Channel 4. Uniquely, our Membership represents the whole media supply chain: production companies, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, post production facilities, consultancies, broadcasters, distributors, and not-for-profit organisations.

We have a small number of dedicated staff who co-ordinate and amplify the expertise of our Membership to generate insight, enable change and create market opportunity.

The DPP is the media industry’s business change network.

Our Vision
We see a future of global content creation and exchange. We believe the media industry will transform, as innovation and the Internet shrink the world.

There will be an ever-increasing need to exchange vast amounts of content within and across boundaries. But that process of exchange will require common standards and specifications if we are to have compatibility rather than chaos. The DPP is not a standards body, but through our Membership we aim to bring the understanding of business needs and requirements to make common standards and specifications effective.

Meanwhile a global production and post production marketplace made possible by internet-led tools and services is transforming the content creation process. This revolution in production is creating whole new sets of relationships between customers and suppliers. The DPP aims to bring the insight to make those new relationships more productive.

What We Do
The DPP works in three areas:
  • Generating insight: we gather expertise from our Members to create exclusive analysis and understanding through reports and events

  • Enabling change: we identify business requirements and user needs, and facilitate common specifications, interfaces and workflows

  • Creating market opportunities: we bring together customers and providers to share insight and identify needs

The DPP has a wide range of events, products and work streams. You may already know us for standardised file delivery specifications, for helping the creation of digital archives, or for our special events that bring producers and suppliers face to face.

Our roadmap of work is devised and delivered by our Members. We are obsessed with delivering benefits quickly: all our work streams deliver outputs within 12 months.

Be empowered by knowledge.

Join the media industry’s only business change network.

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