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Sean Russell Lighting Cameraman
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Sean Russell

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Freelance Lighting Cameraman
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Based in the South East of England, providing 19 years experience in skilled & creative location lighting & camerawork.

Sean has a strong technical background & can help guide directors & producers through the key Hi–Definition & technical decisions.

Getting productions concentrating back on composition, camera movement & lighting style.

This long time crewing experience & collaborative attitude has led to work in over 65 countries. As DoP on Music Promo's & Commercials, 2nd Unit Operator on Drama, lighting cameraman on documentaries, Arts, Travel & Entertainment programs, Children's drama, Location inserts & multi–camera productions.

Using camera formats from 16mm film through a multitude of video formats to present day High Definition & most recently the RED One camera & other file based recording formats.

Sean started as a news agency photographer in 1987 & alongside that as a stagehand at a New York theatre school. This visual arts base took Sean to Ravensbourne College's, School of Television.

After time, as a staff cameraman for broadcast & production companies, Sean set out as a freelance operator. Camerawork has led Sean to live abroad for long periods – Hong Kong (3 years), Australia (3 years) as well as shorter periods in Russia & the Middle East.

Sean is a qualified commercial diver, in line with HSE requirements for underwater camerawork. ADAS L1 commercial diver (UK HSE Part iv) & listed HSE dive contractor.

Designed & developed the Hydra Unit. A patented camera support tool used to enable an innovative & cost effective solution to filming upon & within water environments, vehicles, scaffolding, dolly tracks & uneven ground.

Member of BECTU & the Guild of Television Cameramen.
  • St Johns Ambulance – Senior First Aid
  • Continued vocational courses
  • GBCT – 16mm & 35mm assistants course run by Panavision 1999
  • GBCT – BBC Evesham, Shooting for widescreen course 1999
  • Kodak – Shooting 16mm for film & television 1995
  • GTC – Lighting for Film and Television Drama 1993


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