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Broadening Our Crew Networks  Over the summer I camera-operated on several jobs that consolidated my view that camera crews continually need to adapt their skills to take advantage of the digital landscape, says Sean Russell, Freelance Lighting Cameraman.

The events were the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations, the June EU Referendum and a live streamed Orchestral performance relayed to New York.Read More >>

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Broadcaster Uses Egripment's Xtreme T10 For Euro 2016 Coverage
The Xtreme T10 encoded telescopic crane from Egripment is being used by German broadcaster ARD & ZDF as part of its daily live broadcast from the UEFA Euro 2016. The crane is being used within the broadcaster's presentation of Augmented Reality aspect of the broadcast.
Focusing On The Future Of UK Broadcasting
In many ways this is a perfect time for a cameraman or camerawoman to be in UK broadcasting, says Keith Massey, Chairman, Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC). The quality of television production in the UK is at an all time high. With a decent aerial, the picture running through the cable, decoded through the latest UHD television sets and down-sampled to HD is simply stunning.
Focus On The Future For Cameramen
To get an idea of the future for cameramen & women you need to look to the past, writes Sean Russell, Freelance Lighting Cameraman. Art and artists have constantly been inventing and perfecting techniques and style. Mastery of the craft skill was a pre-requisite together with a keen eye and flair to compose an image that engages the audience and informs a scene's geography.
Cameraman Secrets: Practice Makes (Perfect) Unfazed...
It's not all about the camera. Of course, I could discuss the merits of using one format over another for days, but instead I'd like to talk about the importance of the auxiliary equipment. I have to be able to rely on every piece of my camera kit. I don't always get given an Alexa to shoot on, but the perfect tracking shot or a smooth pan will always add production value.
Cinematographer Abraham Chooses Miller Camera Support
When internationally award-winning Australian cinematographer Abraham Joffe set out to document the lives of five world-class photographers as they captured images for the recently completed National Geographic channel series Tales by Light, he turned to Miller Camera Support Equipment, relying on the company's Compass tripods to help him and his camera crew obtain the perfect shots.