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About Robert Fuller Video Production

We specialise in producing professional TV and Audio programmes delivering your message in the best possible way through any digital medium required. Our team have a long background in video and television production providing our clients with their best skills and experience needed to produce your project on time and within budget.

Our collective services include location filming, Avid editing, professional voice-over or multi-lingual translations, tailor-made musical compositions, animated graphics, studio recording with green screen and multimedia delivery onto any platform of your choice.

Whether you approach us with an entire marketing plan, or the start of an idea, RFA will work alongside you to produce a professional, original and high end commercial programming. We feel that our approach to video production is one of complete professionalism. From the idea, the concept is born, scripts are then created and storyboards will then start to bring the production concept to life.

Specialist camera work which requires that extra spec list piece of equipment to achieve a particular shot: including underwater, helmet mounted, Camera crane / Jib and aerial filming are also available.

Why use Robert Fuller Associates?
Robert Fuller Associates is a full-service video production company. We production manage every aspect of a media project’s physical production elements, from Pre-Production, Production all the way through to Post –Production and then outputting the final programme on to any media platform that is required by the client.

We have over 20 years’ experience working for BBC / ITV but also providing a total moving image production solution for the business to business market - whether you are producing a promotional feature, health & safety instructional DVD, training and education or preparing for a corporate presentation.

Robert Fuller Associates uses broadcast cameras, sound crews and personnel who are experienced in filming safely within working industrial environments. We use Avid Editing, the market leaders in broadcasting of which 93% of primetime television in the UK is edited or mastered using Avid products.

Every project is very different from the last, so the first objective on every moving image project is to fully comprehend the client’s aspirations and objectives for that particular programme. One of the first questions a client needs to ask themselves: Who is the target audience for the programme? Once we understand the client’s needs which is established from pre-production meetings the concept development work can then begin.

  • Avid Media Composer digital editing (broadcast standard)
  • Augmented Reality
  • Multi-Camera
  • Live conference presentation
  • Location filming onto true broadcast formats
  • Product placement promotion trailers
  • Broadcast film and video transfers
  • Location Green Screen
  • T.V. Commercials
  • Broadcast News
  • Business TV
  • Professional voice-overs, music and dubbing
  • Production Management
  • Consultation and development of the brief
  • Specialist filming for the industrial and business sector
  • Scripting and storyboarding
  • Exhibition product trailers
  • Corporate promo / Health & Safety
  • Documentary programme
  • Duplication design and packaging
  • Audio / Video Podcast
  • Time-lapse documenting
  • Digital photography
  • Multi-lingual voiceover
  • Interactive DVD mastering / Replication & Printing
  • Web Optimisation


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