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Corporate Video Production, London & Surrey!

You need a corporate video production company that creates engaging and effective videos for your business. Big Yellow Feet have a team of experienced and creative professionals who specialize in producing high-quality corporate videos that showcase your brand, products, services, and values. Whether you need a B2B promo video, an interview/ talking heads video, a training video or any other type of corporate video production work, we can handle it from start to finish.

We work with you to understand your message, goals and target audience and then craft a video that suits your needs and budget. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your video looks and sounds great on any platform.

Having video on your website and social media is great and makes your brand more visible to search engines so that you can reach more potential customers and generate more leads.

With dedicated video production, animation and support specialists, we pride ourselves on always delivering your project – on time, every time. so you can sit back, enjoy the process and rest assured your video will be great!

Big Yellow Feet has a large client base and we work with clients from diverse and varied industries and sectors from across the world. For corporate video production we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional corporate videos that go far beyond your expectations.

We’ll consult with you to find out exactly what you need from your corporate video production, and produce a plan of action to make it happen. From our Surrey studios we cover all of the UK and Europe. From initial concept through to scripting & storyboarding and planning your shoot we have you covered.

Our team of experienced production team will capture the best possible imagery and sound for you. For promos, brand films, advertorials, internal communications, interviews, conferences and events, public sector projects to big corporate video, we do it all.

Once back at Big Yellow Feet Towers, we’ll trim, shape and polish your footage into the perfect video for your end client or business. Via your assigned project manager you’ll be able to check-in with us and see online updates every step of the way.

Corporate Animation
If you need anything explained, outlined or elucidated, or you want to tell people about a process, workflow or product, then a motion graphic animation is for you! Big Yellow Feet are experienced producers of corporate animated explainers, character-based cartoons and infographics.

Contact us today on 01483285928 or email [email protected] for a free quote and consultation, and let us help you take your business to the next level with our outstanding level of service.

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Company News

Onwards & Upwards for Corporate Video Marketing!

Do you use video as part of your corporate marketing strategy? Or maybe you’ve always been put off by the perceived expense; complexity or you’re unclear what benefits video can bring you?
2023 could be the time to break your duck and dip your toe into the waters of corporate video production marketing.

Over the last decade, video has become an increasingly important part of the most marketers’ mix, and that is only going to trend upwards in 2023.

Here are a few statistics to illustrate the point:
91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool in 2023.

62% of marketing professionals say video engagement is their top metric for measuring campaign success.

At least 88% of marketers were pleased with their online video ROI.

Of course, simply having a video on your website or social media channels isn’t a magic bullet – it has to be the right video, and that’s where an experienced corporate video production company such as Big Yellow Feet can help. As with anything worthwhile there are no easy shortcuts, but having Big Yellow Feet on your side means you can use our know-how to accelerate the process and enable you in focus on the important messaging.

The popularity of video can be a double-edged sword however, as to stand out in a crowded marketplace you need to be distinctive. This can be a tricky thing when planning and designing your video as the line between ‘distinctive’ and ‘weird’ can be a thin one. BYF can help you walk that tightrope, combining professionalism with originality.

Consumers love video
It’s not that video marketers recommended video and therefore you should have it – your clients and customers will love it too. Some more stats:
80% of consumers want to see more videos from businesses.

66% of consumers have actively searched for video content to find out more about a brand.
Most customers (69%) prefer watching a video over reading text to learn about products and services.

Just from these few stats you can see the potential of video marketing to engage with your clients or customers, and massively increase your conversion rates. So, video is an essential part of both your website and your social media strategy, but you need to have the right video…

One of the most common mistakes is to equate any online video presence with a useful presence – the old maxim that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ certainly does not apply here! To make your social media channels work for you, you must give plenty of consideration to your video content to make them a success. Don’t neglect the basics, such as:

• A great script. Clunky dialogue and inaccurate information won’t do you any favours.
• Engaging characters or narrators, even if the character is your product.
• A story arc, however small.
• A call to action. Decide what you want your viewer to do and give them an easy option to buy or contact you.
• Production design. A bad looking video will reflect badly on you, so good visuals and sound are essential.

If you know you want video but don’t know what you need, our expert team of experienced marketing professionals can help.

For some examples, check out our portfolio at and if you decide that video is just the thing you need, drop us a line on 01483 285928, or email [email protected].

We’re ready to help!
Large Scale Video Projects – Big Productions

Sometimes a video project comes along where you need something that little bit extra. It can be something simple like multiple cameras or specialised cameras; mini-cams, a drone or a Steadicam. Sometimes it can be more complex; maybe you need a location or a studio, actors or models, make up and costume? Ultimately what you need is the confidence that the production will be managed properly and that the film will be delivered – and that’s where Big Yellow Feet can help.

Big Yellow Feet was founded in 2002 with the mission statement of providing premium quality, great value video for our clients. We have a complete understanding of video production so that we can offer a comprehensive production service and a video for every occasion no matter of the size and scale. This means we can assess your needs and put together the perfect production plan for any project, every time – whether it is a drama sequence for a complex advertorial, a TV commercial, or a multiple camera live-event at the Royal Albert Hall.

Sometimes you need that extra level that’s going to make sure your project will stand out from the crowd. Big Yellow Feet can help; put us to the test with your brief and let our creative team come up with a concept and production package, with an exciting and innovative film that will deliver your message.

Every year there is a blizzard of new tech and equipment for use in making videos. We keep up to date with these changes so that you don’t have to. Our years of experience means we have the knowledge to know what is best and what is best to avoid, giving your project that edge that will make it stand out.

If it can be done on your budget we will know how to do it. Our production team are in-house, our technical team are in-house and our post-production team are in-house. Complex filming techniques can be costly; but when you talk to us you are talking directly with the team who will be producing your film, a one stop shop.

You may need actors, models, or dancers and we can organise this for you. We will take your basic specifications; age, sex, description, and deliver the stars for your production.

Some productions are going to require extra members team members; makeup, costume and production designers, to name a few. When required we add to our in-house production team using freelance creatives. All of the freelance talent we use are dedicated, experienced professionals, with a long working relationship with us, so there are never any surprises.

There are a lot of misconceptions around what some of these disciplines actually do. Take makeup. Yes, they put makeup on people, boys as well as girls, but as well as making your featured person look good and stopping them from looking sweaty or shiny, they also offer a level of continuity across a production, making sure people look the same throughout an entire production day. They can also be a great tool for reassuring that CEO or important VIP; settling nerves and offering a level of reassurance that can be invaluable.

We understand what every production team member will bring to your film. We also understand the subtleties they will bring to the working relationship between cast and crew and this is often unique for any specific job.

A great location can make a video. Video is a visual medium, and making sure your featured people are in a suitable location to match the video’s message is really important.

Project management is vital for producing larger scale productions. Whether it is in pre-production, ensuring everything is in place for the shoot, production ensuring that shoot days run like clockwork or in post-production. With Big Yellow Feet you can rest assured that our professional project management skill will ensure the delivery of a successful project, on time and on budget.

If you are ready for that next level of production and creativity, drop us an email or give us a call.
Digital Awards Champions

We are very pleased to announce that following on from our success at last year’s annual Surrey Digital Awards, where we won one Gold and two Silver awards, we have been officially selected to take part in the Digital Awards Champions event 2017.

For an award winning video production company like us, it’s always a nice feeling when you win another gong. It lets us know that we’re on the right track, and it’s always good to have others recognise our hard work.
Success at the Finals of Surrey Digital Awards 2016!

Being selected as finalists in the 2016 Surrey Digital Awards was exciting enough, but to actually be honoured with 3 awards on the evening was the icing on the cake…or so we thought.
Award Ceremony

We were selected as finalists in three awards categories and were blown away when we won one Gold and two Silver awards. We gained the two Silver awards for ‘Online Business’ and ‘Retailer of the Year’ and the Gold Award for ‘Website: Sports and Entertainment’ with our certificates now proudly displayed alongside all our other awards at BYF Towers.
Digital Awards Champions

But it turns out the good news doesn’t stop there! We have been officially selected to take part in the Digital Awards Champions 2017 event.

The Digital Awards Champions launched officially on 1 December 2016, taking all gold winners from across six Digital Awards schemes and pitting them against one another for overall supremacy, with winners announced at the first Champions event on 9 February 2017 at London’s prestigious BFI Southbank.
We need your Vote!

Champions are crowned by public vote – to cast your vote for us, click the link below. No sign up is required but voting is limited to one vote per category per person
Award Winning Video Production at the Click of a Mouse

If you require our award winning video production services you can simply email [email protected] or call the office (01483285928) today.
Planning Your Video Campaign

Company Profile Film

Recently there has been a notable increase in companies requiring video for their websites. It’s not a revolutionary concept but it has become increasingly the single biggest “must have” item for company websites. A really effective and professional looking video on your website has a demonstrable effect on your ROI. This is all well and good, but it is just the start. What about a sustained marketing, video campaign? Well, this is the how and why.
Cost Effectiveness and Economy of Scale

Planning to film more videos is much more cost effective than producing one single company profile film. A large number of the costs involved with making video are the same whether you make one film or ten. Camera crews and equipment are largely booked per day, so you should plan to get the most out of that day. Of course, there are some costs that don’t fall under this rule. The edit costs are going to increase because you are going to require more edit time for more films, but you may be surprised at how economies of scale can come into effect here as well. And the end result will be that your extra films are short and punchy so as to not add too much extra edit time but that can still build a more complex picture of your business, really pushing across that message to your audience.
Maximum Impact

If you only have one film, you can only release it once. Of course you can share it in different places and tweet links to spread the catchment funnel, but for maximum impact there is nothing quite like having 12 films that you are going to release over six months as a planned, sustained marketing campaign.
Planing your Video Campaign

All this really means is thinking a bit more about how you can achieve this. What other segments can you shoot at the same time? Most company profile films feature one or more senior members of management answering a series of questions. So what if you threw a few more questions in? Try to think of targeted supplementary questions that will elicit focused answers from your team. Could you be specific about a department or a particular part of the process? Then you can begin to build up single answer soundbites of 30 to 60 seconds long, and these will only add about an hour per film to the edit budget. This will generate extra films ideal for YouTube or as part of Vlogs, and all at a highly cost effective rate.

At Big Yellow Feet we always pride ourselves on looking at the bigger picture. What do you want from your video? Who are you actually trying to engage with? And how is video going to work for you? To start a dialogue on your video campaign, give us a call or email today.

The Power to Influence

With the rise and rise of social media, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, video has become the single most influential tool in modern marketing. As it gets progressively more challenging to grab and then hold the attention of consumers it is increasingly seen as the delivery method that gets results, and there is a very simple reason why: video works.

On average a computer user will watch a video for two whole minutes before clicking away, and with tablet or iPad users this goes up to a whopping five minutes. So your potential customers are certainly watching video, and according to the latest market research findings over half of them are watching product videos before they buy. And it’s not just your average Joe that is browsing the web for product videos. In a recent article by Forbes, six out of ten company execs admitted they preferred watching a product video to reading a promotional article.
Quick Delivery

With video you are able to show off your product or service in a fraction of the time you can with text. With quick, engaging delivery you can entice your customers into finding your website, giving you the opportunity to bring them into your marketing environment and make that all important sale. Nearly a quarter of people will visit a website if it has a video advert they have seen somewhere else.
Sharing the Love

Statistics show that customers are much more inclined to buy something if they have just viewed a video about the product or service and they are much more likely to buy the product if they have seen it in action. Not only that – videos are something customers and shoppers like to share with their friends via Facebook and other social communication channels so they are the perfect way to engage people with your brand, helping you share your personality whilst showing off your product or service.
Improve Your Online Visibility

You and your business are much more likely to make it on to the first page of Google if you have video content on your website and with YouTube now the second biggest search engine (second only to Google) video marketing will greatly improve your online visibility, so isn’t it important that you start taking advantage of this?
Build a Sustained Campaign

So, how do you grab your audiences’ attention in this competitive market place? Well, businesses perception of online video marketing does need to change. Most clients think of a single video delivering a single promotional message, but that's not quite how it works in reality. Increasingly marketing professionals are waking up to the fact that a sustained campaign of quality videos is required, with good VSEO and targeted distribution. With nearly half of customers sharing videos on social media you even have the chance of your marketing going viral.
Target Your Audience

There are now multiple platforms for displaying your video marketing so make sure you use this to your advantage and make
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