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South West Film is a Bristol & Birmingham based video production company that caters for both UK and international companies. We deliver creative corporate videos that strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience, and driving your corporate message home. Our combination of brand knowledge, filming skill, video production technique, technical wizardry, and out and out talent help us to make sure we give you a corporate video production service that you rely on again and again.

Our services include
1. Corporate Video Production
2. Training Videos
3. TV Commercial Production
4. 360 Video Production
5. Video Marketing
5. Animation Company

Video TV and film production
From advertisements to programmes, corporate films to web viral campaigns, we offer a professional video service from concept to completion. Writing, filming and post-production: our award winning film-making team can do it all.

Branding and advertising
Whether you're starting a new company or rebranding, we can give your company the branding that matches your outlook and catches your customers’ attention.

Advertising Video
What sets us apart is our ability to take a fresh outlook on creativity and coming up with ideas that will complement your product and take it to the next level in the eyes of your consumer. We produce creative concepts to advertising briefs and to create some truly stunning promotional videos. All of our work in advertising production is designed to reflect the attributes and characteristics of each brand.

Our Aim
Our aim is to help you, our corporate client, to communicate more effectively, more impressively. We produce more than just Corporate Video DVDs, Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Promotional Videos, Graphic Sales Presentation, Training Videos or High Quality Web Videos for your company. We organise your workflow, supplying the marketing skills and business acumen you need to ensure your video production is a winner. To find out more video production company birmingham, video production company exeter or Video Production London

Products / Services / Credits

  • Corporate Video
  • Video Marketing
  • Animation
  • 360 Video
  • Post Production
  • Virtual Reality
  • Training Video


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Corporate Video Trends

We are half way through the year so it’s time to look at what’s happening in the world of corporate video production. We’re always investigating the latest trends to offer to our customers so here are a few things to look out for. Video production has seen a lot of changes over the years. From growth of virtual reality and 4K video to aerial drone video, video technology has reached a completely new level. As recent survey suggested that including a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rates by 80%. 64% of users purchase a product online after watching the video. A Youtube reports shows that mobile video consumption has risen by 100% every year, which is why it is vital for video makers to stay up to date with the trends in video production.

4K video

New cameras and TVs are now starting to use 4K capabilities. Video streaming sites are now giving users the option to upload 4K footage. Once it is the norm then companies will expect videos to be shot in this format. As well as looking awesome, 4K video is helpful for video makers as they can zoom in on footage without a decrease in resolution. If you need to correct framing or appear that an interview has been shot with two or three cameras, then shooting in 4K can help.

Affordable equipment

High-end kit such as drones and 360-degree cameras used to cost thousands. However, more affordable versions for the consumer market have helped decrease these prices.

In-house videographers

Affordable technology has meant brands can have their own in-house video team. This means that video production companies have to provide content they cannot produce themselves.

Video Streaming

Streaming is already very popular and sites are using streaming options on their sites. Facebook or Twitter streaming is a great idea and works well.


Recently whiteboard animation has become very popular. The reason is that whiteboard animation is simple and easy to showcase what you’ve got. Many companies also use slideshows as corporate videos. This is a great option if you’ve got images to show to clients.


Video has changed the way we educate and learn. You can study almost anything at home. It has opened a new world of faster learning and education.

Trend you should follow to get most out of your video marketing are:

Distributing Videos Across Social Media
Streaming Video Live and Producing Video Events
Developing Explainer and How-To Outreach Videos
Promoting “Viral” and Risky Content
Condensing Videos Into Smaller Packages
Producing Professional, Distinctive Videos
The Best Big Brand 360 Virtual Videos

When you watch your first 360 video, it opens up a new user experience, the same feeling you got when got your first smartphone. And 360 video isn’t a let down. Big brands are using this new technology to tell compelling stories that are exciting and fully immersive.

1. Thomson Holidays & Iceland’s northern lights
Travel operator Thomson Holidays captures the changing the light and movement of Iceland’s northern lights. You can view different parts of the sky. An amazing experience.

2. Oreo explores the inspiration behind Filled Cupcake Flavored
Oreo Cookies Oreo creates a behind-the-scenes ‘tour’ of the inspiration behind its new cookie flavour. This fun360 video shows that an Oreo cookie is everything you wished it would be.

3. Samsung on a snowboarding adventure
Samsung posted a snowboarding video that puts viewers into the action. Filmed with professional snowboarders in Laax, it’s hard not to keep watching this video again and again. Each time, you get a new angle and a different part of the scenery.

4. BMW UK experience the drive
BMW’s 360 video takes you inside a race car for a thrilling ride at a speed.

5. Expedia explore Australia
Expedia’s video taps into the beautiful landscapes of Australia. With the 360 camera you can get different perspectives on mountaintops, deserts, and ocean dives.

6. Warner Bros inside a haunted house
When the 360 video begins, you enter a virtual house with creepy music and terrifiying sounds in the background. It will scare the hell out of you.

7. George at Asda
Easter egg-filled tour George at Asda, ran a contest using 360 video. In the contest, Asda hid pieces “Easter eggs” for the audience to find in a series of videos. The first person to find them all won a voucher to the store.

Article by South West Film
Is Video Marketing Worth It?

When creating a video marketing strategy, many businesses believe that saving money will still give them the same results. They might choose not to promote their products in all areas, or they might even ask themselves if video marketing is really worth it? Does online video content really offer them the same results as text with text being more affordable and easier to produce?

If you are asking yourself these same questions, you should know that video marketing is more effective than text marketing and it offers a better return on your investment. Does it cost more to produce video content? Yes, but it also offers more benefits than text marketing and we are going to share some of them with you so you can decide if video marketing is really worth it for your business.

1. Video Content Increases Conversions and Sales

Adding video content to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Video content can also increase sales as 74% of viewers who watched an explainer video, bought the product featured.

2. Video Content Offers Better ROI

Many business owners say that when they use video content to sell a product or service, the ROI is often much higher than using text content alone. Images increase engagement so it would make sense that moving images can increase engagement even more and result in more sales.

3. Video Content Builds Trust
Customers say the main reason they purchased a particular product was the video content that explained the product and even featured the actual product

being used. This is because they can trust someone that is actually using the product over an image of the product or text content describing the product and how to use it. Video content also puts a face and a person with the product or company and that builds trust immediately for most customers.

4. Google Favours Video Content

When trying to reach the first page in the search engines, digital marketers work hard and their efforts sometimes don’t pay off. Using video content can increase your chances of reaching the first page by 53 times. Plus, since Google owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase on how much videos affect your search engine rank.

5. Video Engages Buyers

Video marketing can engage a much larger audience than text content and it can sell your products to even the laziest of shoppers. Many online users watch video content over reading text because it is easier and, on some social media platforms including Facebook, the video content can autoplay making it even easier for businesses to reach their audience. People want to see products in action and this is one of the most important driving forces of video advertising.

Article by South West Film
Video Marketing Agency
The Rise of Video Companies

Any business that does not have promotional content on its website or lacks a presence in social networks is considered to be behind these days.

According to research, 92% of all large companies in the world use videos as a means of promotion, marketing or customer service. Most of them are beginning to accept how videos and the Internet have grown within their reach and dominate as a medium today. Newspapers, radio and television have become obsolete in the field of marketing and are no longer an effective means for companies to reach their customers. Video production companies are living their dream and meeting the creative needs of everyone from small businesses to large corporations. The videos have grown in scope and are smaller in length. Video production companies have traveled in a long and successful way so far and have much to conquer even more. This is the reason.

Video production used to be big business a few years ago when nothing was digitized. Film production needed bulky rolls, huge production equipment, great crew, and high-end editing tools that almost cost crazy amounts. However, today, even a handheld mobile device can record high definition videos. Digital videos are smaller to store and cloud computing makes storing GB and TB data easy. With advanced graphics and animation, it is now possible to express impossible ideas on the screen and 3D technology has made the videos incredibly interactive.

With the Internet, the world has transformed into a global village and everyone is connected to each other. Commercial organizations can not find a larger and more connected audience elsewhere, and that's the reason why online marketing is everyone's favorite today. Research says that 85% of people who watch videos on the Internet about a product or service are more likely to buy that product or subscribe to that service. The videos create an instantaneous relationship between the consumer and the product that is ascribed to their compact and effective narrative. More than 72 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and more than 3 billion hours of video are viewed each month on YouTube.

The videos have revolutionized the world of information and the internet drastically in a very short time. Video production companies understand this trend and aim to produce creative videos of short duration, but highly effective. With marketing campaigns that span more than ever before, and the technology that makes video production more streamlined, video production companies definitely have a long way to go!

Reviews for South West Film

South West Film
They produced a superb corporate video for our training company. The video is used on our website and YouTube channel and has been a great promotional tool for us.
, 12/02/2016
South West Film
Produced a great corporate video for our company, recommended
, 12/04/2012
South West Film
South West Film produced a superb promotional video for our company at a really good price. Very professional. Recommended
, 20/09/2012
5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. user reviews.
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