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Scamp factory -Storyboard Artist

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Scamp factory -Storyboard Artist
020 3290 7309
Lee Payle
East Sussex UK,
BN1 4GA,

About Scamp factory -Storyboard Artist

As a Concept Visualiser, Designer and illustrator with over 15 years experience of working with London and south east agencies, I can work with clients to maximise ideas into carefully crafted, dynamic visual solutions. From storyboards for tv, video and animation to captivating event visuals, my work can help you win all kinds of pitches and presentations. My design skills offer an integrated approach, applying sound ideas through print and digital media. Winning a DBA Design Effectiveness Award has been one highlight in my career. My aim is to deliver the most relevant and exciting Design work possible. Recent projects: Sainsbury's - animated video showing future ideas from the brand to internal teams Toyota - Storyboard of video where Auris and Avensis owners see their new cars being made Hackett - New campaign concept visuals for photoshoot style and content

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