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Freelance Storyboards
01252 623601
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Gus Russell
33 Richmond Court,
Fleet Rd,
GU51 3AL

About Freelance Storyboards

My slick and dynamic visuals — in pencil or marker — add value to your ideas and your presentations

Cyberspace is where I'm based. So my desk is right next to yours.
E-mail and Skype, that’s the way I like to work — as do my clients. Paying me to sit on a train, or in traffic, holds little appeal for them.

You’re thinking: “time is short, who can I trust to get on with this project and do it exactly as I want it doing?"
Me — that's who!

I draw storyboards, concept and event visuals, illustrations and cartoons. And I draw ideas — as they emerge — in ideation, shopper marketing and NPD workshops.

With a track record spanning 20+ years, whatever you want bringing to life, I can do it and I can do it anywhere in the world.

Ad agencies, design groups, corporates, film makers, event organisers and publishers are the clients I work with.

My charges are reasonable, I get the job done quickly and I keep my promises.

It’s about adding drama to every panel, something I strive to do whatever the brief, subject or budget. My clients look for the eye of a director backed up by rapid no fail delivery.

Shooting boards
We all know shooting for stills or movies can eat budgets, so the last thing you, directors or photographers want to do is get it wrong. Shooting boards help keep things on track and on schedule. They act as a visual reference helping crew, stylists and set builders provide accurate quotations before final budget sign off.

Most are business-to-business and usually for presentations or personal cards so won’t have you rolling in the isles. I’ll work with your ideas or my own but in most cases it’s a combination of both.

Being able to work in more than one style is part of it and a few are shown here in the gallery. New styles and techniques are emerging all the time particularly in CGI, so whenever digital renderings are required accurate detailed line drawings or colour visuals need to be signed off before moving on to the next stage. Why? Because you don’t want to be paying for additional computer time and amends which could have been resolved at the line drawing stage. Happy to discuss, suggest and demonstrate a style when you call.

If you can imagine it, I can draw it. I love the diversity of what I’m asked to do and if I specialise in doing anything it’s creating what my clients need! And yes, over the years that covers just about everything you can imagine.

Innovation Workshops
Drawing and creating concepts (that work) against the clock is not for the faint hearted. In short you need experience in creating all genres of advertising. What would POS, NPD, Packaging, Retail environment etc etc look like for this company? What’s the tone of voice? So many questions, so little time!

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