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Duncan Western
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About Splice Post Production

Splice is a creative post-production facility in the heart of London's Shoreditch. We've built a fantastic reputation over the years, culminating in us winning the 'Highly Commended' award for best post house at the Broadcast Awards 2010.

Since then we have gone from strength to strength, adding to both our passionate and talented team and our state of the art facility.

We love our location in the fashionable east end. As well as being great for our local clients, it means we offer an alternative to those suffocating in the Soho bustle. Famously named by Italian Vogue as the coolest area in Britain, we have the some of the most contemporary galleries, bars, restaurants (and haircuts!) in the city at our fingertips.

We have a young and incredibly dynamic team at Splice, but from the machine room right up to our directors we have a vast amount of experience. Our friendly and devoted production office know their stuff when it comes to the technical side of post, and we’ve collaborated on a wide range of work including documentaries, drama and feature films.

We are extremely passionate about every project we touch - no matter what the content - and offer an intimate service tailor made to your needs, and we will support you around the clock, day and night. Whether it’s a ten part series or a ten second commercial we are here to make it AMAZING.

Our facility contains Baselight grading theatres, DS suites, editing suites and multi channel audio ensuring that all stages of your project can be completed in space and comfort. Contact our bookings team to arrange a viewing and see why Splice is an outstanding facility that makes it amazing.


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