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Streambox's New Solution For File-Based Video Over IP

Streambox Inc has announced the release of its innovative solution for file-based video management and acquisition. The solution, which is part of Streambox's platform for video over IP, comprises three products, each serving a unique role in the broadcast workflow.
The Streambox Store and Forward Client, the Streambox Store and Forward Server, and the Streambox Media Station work together to provide greater control and management of field-generated video as it is edited and uploaded to the broadcast studio for multiformat playout.
The Streambox solution enables control room operators to better manage hundreds of video files as these are uploaded to the Store and Forward Server by field reporters or citizen reporters for on-demand or scheduled playout via an easy-to-use Web interface. The integrated Web interface provides metadata information such as reporter name, file name, and location, as well as a thumbnail clip preview of video file uploads and a list of active connections. The control room operator is also able to search video uploads based on metadata. The solution simplifies and streamlines the broadcast workflow from video file upload to video management and playout.
The file-based solution is well-suited for a variety of applications such as IP-based newsgathering, streaming to the Web, and live and on-demand Webcasting. The Streambox solution supports playout of raw ACT-L3 files, QuickTime-wrapped ACT-L3 files, and other standard video formats.
The Streambox Store and Forward Client enables users such as field reporters and citizen reporters to upload video files to the Store and Forward Server. Field reporters will typically upload video via UDP while citizen reporters will use HTTP for file upload. After the video file has been edited using any QuickTime-compatible NLE application, field reporters connect to the Store and Forward Server and log into the Web application. Reporters are able to optimize UDP uploads by selecting a predefined connection profile. Following user authentication, the server immediately enables reporters to begin video file upload. If the network connection is lost during upload, the Store and Forward Client automatically resumes the file upload once the network connection is reestablished.
The Streambox Store and Forward Server enables broadcasters to better manage and monitor field-edited files as they are uploaded by field reporters, remote bureaus, citizen reporters, and others. Capable of receiving hundreds of simultaneous video file uploads from multiple users, the server maintains a complete list of active connections established through the Store and Forward Client software.
The server's Web interface facilitates a thumbnail clip preview of video file uploads. It also provides searchable metadata information such as reporter name, file name, location, and date and time stamps. The server can be customized to provide rule-based transcoding and scripting for multiformat playout through the Media Station.
The Streambox Media Station supplies direct output for both live and file-based SDI and composite video. It works in concert with the Store and Forward Server to provide superior control and prioritization for the video playout schedule. Once producers or editors have selected the desired video files or clips, the operator creates playlists and schedules those lists for playout through the Media Station's Web-based interface. The Media Station can be switched to decoder mode for live playout.
"Streambox's versatile platform for file-based video over IP enables broadcasters and other users to enhance their video management capabilities from beginning to end while gaining superior control of the video playout process," said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox.
"We believe this flexible solution will simplify broadcast operations and help our customers distribute high-quality video for broadcast and broadband faster and more efficiently than ever before."
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