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Rohde & Schwarz's DVB-H Proving To Be A Cost Effective Way Of Broadcasting

Rohde & Schwarz’s DVB-H playout with statistical multiplex for playout centers provides operators with increased capacities and allows them to broadcast up to 40% more programs cost-effectively.
In addition, the company has made its R&S DIP010 data inserter with statistical multiplex functionality and generator, and the brand-new R&S AVE264 encoder available to further enhance the process.
The H.264 video encoder comes with a variable bit rate that coordinates the diverse requirements of DVB-H resulting from its ability to transmit several TV programs with different data rates on one channel and ensures optimum use of the transmission channel.
The encoder performs realtime encoding of video (H.264/AVC) and audio (HE‑AAC v2) data and outputs an IP data stream. The video encoder can be operated in two different modes. In the constant bit rate (CBR) mode, it generates an IP data stream with a constant data rate independently of the picture content. In the variable bit rate (VBR) mode, the output data rate depends on the picture content. Moving picture content requires a higher data rate than still picture content. Statistical multiplexing relies on the fact that still and moving picture contents occur simultaneously when several services are transported in a channel. This allows a 30% to 40% higher service volume to be transmitted via a DVB-H multiplex.
The R&S DIP010 data inserter adds the IP data stream from the encoder to an existing or user-generated DVB-H transport stream. The data inserter processes services with constant and variable bit rates and thus can handle services from a statistical multiplex. The available data rate is optimally utilized by employing automatic time slicing. Bursts are played out with a 1 ms time resolution and a 1 bit/s data resolution, thus ensuring fixed data and code rates. With the Reed Solomon encoder implemented as a hardware component in the R&S DIP010 data inserter, 50 or more services per channel can be transmitted.
The dynamic error-protection system ensures stable data protection. Automatic puncturing keeps the ratio of application data to error-protection data in each burst constant, providing equal protection of all bursts and easing the load of the overall data rate. For electronic service guides (ESGs) or a preview video channel, additional services can be configured with a constant data rate. The ALC/FLUTE transport protocol required for these services is generated by the R&S DIP010.
The R&S DIP010 automatically generates a complete set of program-specific information (PSI) and service information (SI). With this signalling, the receiver can selectively tune to a specific service.
If a transport stream is used by several content providers, they can each use their own data inserter by cascading the units. If the services are to run via one R&S DIP010, subchanneling provides clear separation of data.
The R&S DIP010 data inserter with statistical multiplex functionality and the R&S AVE264 encoder are now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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