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Gefen launches new selection of component cables and adapters

In a move to meet cable interconnect needs in the HDTV standards environment, Gefen (IBC Stand No. 7.649) is making available a selection of new component cables and adapters for European audiences.
The component RCS 5-strand cabling, bundled together in a durable and flexible wire mesh covering, is available in 2, 3.5, 5 and 8.5 metre lengths. An outer mesh provides a protective covering that withstands extensive wear and tear, leading to a longer life.
The cables and adapters accommodate all audio and video formats, including support for the current European standard, SCART. The Adapters include: SCART to DVI, RGB/RCA, VGA and M1; M1 to RCA and DVI-D; DVI-DL to RGB, RGB/RCA Component and VGA; VGA to RGB/RCA and Component.
Adapters are housed in a convenient, flexible pigtail form, allowing for greater adjustment and adaptation between components.
A selection of DVI male to DVI female and component video-in-one offers the convenience of a port saving device, allowing a portable laptop, for example, to connect to both DVI or component displays using the same port. DVI to M1 Adapters, as another example, enable projectors with M1 connectors to connect to a DVI computer or any DVI source, allowing greater system interaction.
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