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ADC KRONE launch new ProAx triaxial camera connectors

New to the ADC KRONE range of body-switching ProAx triaxial camera connectors are male and female variants compatible with the German market’s Damer & Hagen format as well as the Tajimi format favoured in Japan and China.
These four new connectors join a range of triax connectors which all share a common “innards” which, once terminated, permits an engineer to transform the connector into any connector pattern male or female in the ProAx range simply by unscrewing the body shell and replacing it with the required type.
This approach banishes the need for adaptors and the frustration when an engineer has just run out half a kilometre of cable only to find the male and female are at the wrong ends or the camera has a different connector to what he had anticipated.
The full range of shape-morphing ProAx connectors now includes male and female versions of:
  • BBC(Lemo 4M) 50 ohm or 75 ohm
  • Reverse-BBC (Lemo 4E) 50 ohm or 75 ohm
  • Global Fischer (SE & KE Series) 75 ohm
  • US standard (Kings Tri Loc) 75 ohm
  • Reverse-reverse-BBC 75 ohm
  • Damer & Hagen 75 ohm/LI>
  • Tajimi 75 ohm
All connectors are available as cable-mounted or panel variants with a unique 45 degrees panel mount option which greatly reduces the cable strain on the connectors. Whether used for cable or panel mounting, the innards and termination process are the same and can be converted at will to any required connector format.
ADC KRONE ProAx connector pairs have a rated bandwidth of 1MHz to 3 GHz, with return loss better than –20dB @ 1GHz, and –15dB @ 2GHz. The insertion loss is better than 0.8dB through to 1.5GHz.
Rated for a minimum of 5,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles, ProAx connectors feature a stainless steel crush-ring to ensure the assembly will not go out-of-round under normal mobile/outside broadcast wear and tear.
Finally all connectors have 0-ring moisture barriers as well as optional IP 67 weather-tight boots which can withstand temperatures from -45C to +55C.
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