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Argosy To Unveil New Range Of Connectors And Tools At IBC 2021

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Argosy is introducing a new a range of connectors and tooling from Simply45® at IBC 2021 (Stand 10.C51, 6-8 December, 2021), for CAT 6, CAT 6A and CAT 7 cabling installations, designed to make any wiring task simpler and less expensive.

The Simply45 series boasts the only pass-through style connectors approved by HDBaseT, the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, controls, USB and up to 100W of power over a single, long-distance, cable.

"By adding the Simply45 series to our portfolio, we’re presenting more efficient ways for broadcasters to install connectors that are guaranteed to provide full signal integrity," said Chris Smeeton, director at Argosy. "With this pass-through style connector, safe and high quality termination can be easily achieved, every time."

Simply45's patented Cap45® isolation cap snaps onto the front of the pass-through RJ45 plug after termination, covering the exposed wires ends and eliminating potential failure points and electrical arcing. Its Bar45™ load bar precisely lines up the conductors for better signal isolation and greatly reduces near-end (NEXT) and far-end crosstalk (FEXT).

Furthermore, the solution maintains wire pair twist synchronization at termination for improved cable performance and it is colour-coded for easy plug identification.

Argosy's new partnership with Simply45 means that it can now offer the pass-through style connectors and tooling to the UK and UAE broadcast markets.

"Argosy's tenure and extensive knowledge, spanning over 35 years in the broadcast industry, is invaluable to us and we're very excited to have them represent and validate our products in this industry," said Todd Cota, president of Simply45.

The pass-through style system simplifies the termination process and prevents issues that are often only presented when the signals are tested and sometimes when an event is critically, live broadcasting.

Blake Tally, VP of Simply45 explained: "It often takes a malfunction to realise there is a problem and it can be difficult to locate where the failure is occurring. With Simply45, the rate of failure is reduced significantly meaning less instances of having to start a termination over thus reducing, waste, as well as minimizing truck roll backs and upset customers."

"Unlike traditional RJ45 mod plugs, there is no risk that after termination one of the wires is loaded incorrectly," added Josh Simons, director at Argosy. "The pass-through technology also enables the twist on the pairs to stay as close to the termination as possible, mitigating crosstalk effects. It provides the installer with all the benefits of the pass through connector, and with Cap45; all the security of a standard mod plug."

Unlike many modular plugs that employ two prong contacts for conductor alignment, Simply45’s three-prong design provides the most secure option to hold conductors in place. With the traditional two-prong design, solid conductors can slide to one side, stack on top of each other, or even pop-up and this creates disconnects, intermittence, and signal loss. Simply45’s three-prong contact is designed to lock in the conductors, including larger Category 6A AWG size.

Simply45 is uniquely constructed with polycarbonate that meets all stringent commercial plenum ratings, UL94-V0, which is the highest flammability rating approved by NFPA and meets IEC 60603 connector specs. These connectors are also available shielded, which provides additional protection against signal loss. This is crucial for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications in today’s evolving cabling infrastructure for broadcast and AV, as well as intelligent buildings using IP networks.

Simply45 also offers a range of innovative crimp tool solutions to provide a stable crimping process, again helping to streamline the termination process.

"For systems integrators, installers and wiremen, the Simply45 range will not only revolutionise and streamline cable installation, it will prevent failures, and save long term costs over the infrastructure’s lifetime," concluded Smeeton.

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