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New HD video extender from Gefen

Gefen has released a new version of an old favourite, the DVI-1000 ST, which operates like the DVI-1000 HD video extender but is equipped with more durable fibre optics cable connectors to accommodate the rental and staging markets with its extensive handling demands.
Though armed with cable connectors that are better able to endure frequent and repetitive setup and take-down procedures, the DVI-1000 ST uses the same methodology to extend high definition digital video up to 500 meters (1640 feet) from source to display. Small sender and receiver units link the source to the extended display with multimode fibre optic cables, available from Gefen in lengths ranging from 33 to 330 feet. The DVI-1000 ST supports high resolutions up to and including 1080p or 1920x1200 for computers, and is equipped with DVI inputs and outputs to connect its sender and receiver units to the source and the extended display.
"This new version of the DVI-1000 came about in response to feedback from our customers, who were pleased with its video extension capability and performance, but needed more robust cable connectors that could handle repetitive plugging and unplugging," said Hagai Gefen, President. "The new DVI-1000 ST meets this demand."

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