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ViewCast ships new four-channel Osprey-440

ViewCast Corporation has announced the release of the Osprey-440 audio and video capture card.
The Osprey-440 leverages the capabilities of the industry-leading Osprey video capture cards and enhances performance levels by supporting four independent A/V channels and allowing the use of up to 16 cameras or other video sources. The Osprey-440 meets the expanding requirements of mobile streaming service providers, developers of military and law enforcement video systems for training and surveillance, and purveyors seeking high-capture channel density.
With a single Osprey-440 card, systems integrators, OEMs, and developers have access to four independent A/V processing channels, increasing audio and video channel density to meet requirements for large video systems installations while dramatically reducing overall systems cost.
"Applications that require a large number of video inputs, such as surveillance systems in large facilities, previously needed multiple computers to manage the video feeds," said Horace Irwin, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at ViewCast. "Some of our volume OEM clients were looking for more channel density, so we responded by developing the new Osprey-440 with four times the channel density, while providing affordable and robust performance."
Four external BNC connectors are available on the Osprey-440 for analogue composite video inputs, with each connected to a dedicated capture channel. Twelve additional auxiliary inputs are available on an internal pin-field connector that can be used as an alternative to the rear panel connectors. This feature gives developers the option to connect audio and video to the Osprey-440 internally for a cleaner and more flexible system design.
Users can connect up to 16 cameras or other video sources to a single card and use software to switch between them as needed for surveillance applications that require monitoring of multiple feeds. Alarm relays on each channel can activate a user-defined event as determined by the user's applications. For example, motion is detected, a light flashes, and a camera switches on to start capturing movement at 30 frames per second. The Osprey-440 also provides four channels of stereo audio, allowing capture of synchronized audio with video.
The card retains many of the powerful features of other Osprey multimedia-class cards, including options for SimulStream (output of multiple instances of audio and video data from a single input source to multiple applications), cropping, watermarking, and audio capture. The Osprey-440 takes advantage of the higher data throughput of the newer PCI-X buses while maintaining backward compatibility with standard PCI buses.
With the Osprey software development kit, systems integrators and OEMs will be able to take full advantage of the capture card features for creating customised applications.

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