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Discreet introduces 3ds max 7.5

Discreet has announced 3ds max 7.5 software, an upgrade exclusively for its 3ds max subscription customers that will deliver a broad range of sought-after new features and capabilities.
The Discreet 3ds max 7.5 software subscription upgrade was developed to provide complete file compatibility with the current 3ds max 7 software, and will add significant enhancements ranging from a robust integrated hair and fur system, the most current version of mental ray 3.4 by mental images - and a new design toolset that combines the feature sets of 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ software.
The 3ds max 7.5 software subscription upgrade will especially equip 3ds max software artists working in feature film and game cinematics who want to raise the bar for their 3ds max software work with amazingly realistic hair and fur, and mental ray 3.4, the newest version of the award-winning rendering solution on the market, will offer extended rendering options. Design visualisation artists will benefit from a substantial new set of complimentary design visualisation features in 3ds max 7.5 software and the mental ray 3.4 advanced rendering features from improved interoperability with DWG-based 3D CAD applications like Autodesk Revit and Autodesk VIZ.
"After delivering a powerful cloth solution to our installed base of 3ds max software subscription customers last month - Discreet continues to drive value and feature benefits with today’s announced addition of award-winning hair and fur extensions, mental ray 3.4, and numerous extensions for the game cinematics and design and visualisation community,” said Marc Petit, Vice President of Product Development at Discreet. “With 3ds max 7.5 software, Discreet further underlines its leadership in total cost of ownership and redefines the level of expectation for a high end 3D package - that ultimately gives our artists the power of an integrated professional 3D pipeline at their fingertips.”
3ds max 7.5 software is expected to be available in mid-April to customers in the Discreet Subscription Programme, a group that has grown to include more than 40,000 Discreet 3ds max software artists worldwide who value early access to new functionalities. 3ds max subscription customers can be eligible to receive valuable self-paced training options, feature-rich product extensions and a broad range of other technology and business benefits.
Discreet 3ds max software is available for £2,695 and 3ds max Subscription is available for an additional £295.

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