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Chroma launch new LED block

Chroma-Q have added the first in a new line of high output LED products to their range of lighting fixtures and accessories.
The Chroma-Q Color Block DB4 is a block of 4 DMX-controlled colour mixing LED lights which, due to its modular design and comprehensive range of fixing options, allows users to create a complete LED system using stock of just one generic fixture type.
The Color Block can be used individually or in a number of configurations. By changing a few quick release clips or brackets, the units can be easily stacked together to make blinders or locked together in rows to make battens. Fixing options include wall, floor or truss mounting using a yoke attachment, or by utilising the built in M10 socket, stand mount or vertical hanging configurations are also possible.
The Color Block is the result of extensive research and development into LED technology and brings together a unique combination of advanced features for the first time in a single LED product.
The Color Block’s 4 independently controllable clusters of red, green and blue high power LEDs provide improved colour brightness and light output levels than comparable fixtures, due to utilising efficient thermal management. The unit’s optical chains also incorporate advanced beam spreading technology whilst minimising lumen loss, resulting in an even colour mix across the beam and an excellent dispersion angle of approximately 20 degrees.
As well as offering extremely efficient light output for their size and traditional independent RGB control, the Color Block also utilises HSI control. Unlike the RGB method of separately adjusting the three primary colours to achieve the right colour and intensity, the HSI method is a more natural way of perceiving colours and allows the user to separately control the Hue (basic colour), Saturation (purity of colour) and Intensity of each LED cluster. As well as enabling easier and more flexible colour adjustment, this also results in a constant lumen output and a purer White compared to similar fixtures.
Further control and flexibility is returned to the lighting designer due to a built-in Variable Effects Engine, which allows the Color Blocks to be controlled using a variable range of dynamic colour and effects parameters - including colour spread, scroll, grouping, step, strobe, colour roll, speed, fade (up/down) and resolution. It’s also possible to adjust the offset of each Color Block in relation to others being simultaneously controlled by effects, and group units in various configurations to apply differing effects to group multiples.
The units are manufactured from heavy gauge black anodized aluminium extrusion to give them lightweight yet extremely robust properties, making them suitable for environments including touring, rental, TV, theatre and architectural applications. The Color Block is also ideal for environments where discrete installation is essential, due to their extremely compact (and lightweight) enclosures and built-in cable management.
Whisper quiet cooling fans ensure safe, efficient and optimal operation under all conditions, whilst a
lamp life of up to 25,000 hours means very low maintenance and cost of ownership.

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